Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 days of sewing: the details part 1

I have been getting some over-whelmingly wonderful feedback on my Smocked Ribbon Stocking that is on the cover of Sew Beautiful Magazine this month! I can't even begin tell you how happy this makes me when people really like something that I have created! For those who are reading this, I hope that your issue has already arrived - if not, then this is a Spoiler Alert!

I decided it might be fun to give some detail on the stocking as I was making it and I hope that it will inspire you to get busy and make one for yourself or someone you love! The pattern is included in the issue, but in this series, I am going to give added details that are not in the article. This will be a several part series because I just have too many pictures & details to show for one journal entry.
Working on the cuff, I did a machine roll & whip stitch on one long edge of the silk duponi to finish it off. 
 Next step was to overlay the lace tulle on top of the silk duponi  to prepare for pleating the two pieces together. Notice I allowed the scallops of the lace to extend beyond the silk duponi. That looked much better than the silk duponi peeking between the lace scallops.
 Next step was to machine baste the lace tulle to the silk duponi to hold both pieces together.
 Trim away the excess lace tulle 
 It's now ready to pleat - slowly crank the two pieces together thru the pleater.
 The lace and silk duponi should go thru the pleater just fine together as one piece.
All pleated and ready to smock!
Smocking Complete!
Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Sewconsult said...

The stocking is beautiful. I stopped to buy the most recent Sew Beautiful and they were sold out. Guess that's a good sign. I never had success with pleating silk dupioni. Perhaps my needles were too well worn, but I always broke so many needles that I had to stop trying. Any suggestions?


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