Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 days of sewing: the details part 2

This is part 2 in the details on my Smocked Ribbon Stocking from Sew Beautiful Magazine - Holiday 2011 issueIf you missed part 1, make sure you back up before reading part 2. 
The details of part 2 involves creating, what I call "ribbon fabric". Begin by butting pieces of ribbon together. Place the butted together ribbon under your presser foot and set the machine to stitch a decorative stitch.
Before you start stitching, place some Stitch 'n Ditch under the ribbon - this will aid in stitching the ribbon together and helps keep it from getting caught in the feed-dogs.

 I used gold thread along with the decorative stitching to 
connect my pieces of ribbon together.

Keep adding pieces of ribbon to create your "ribbon fabric" and use different decorative stitches on each piece of ribbon that is added.
 Continue adding pieces of ribbon until you have created a piece of "ribbon fabric" that is large enough to cover the stocking pattern. Note that the toe does not have "ribbon fabric" - a toe portion will be added later.
That's all there is to creating "ribbon fabric" - Part 3 will be constructing the stocking!

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Susan said...

This is so pretty. I will have to try this project.

Sewconsult said...

It's great to see the close up of the ribbons. They are much prettier and more vibrant that the picture on the magazine. I love the ornate ribbon.


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