Monday, October 24, 2011

31 days of sewing: the details part 3

This is part 3 in the details on my Smocked Ribbon Stocking from Sew Beautiful Magazine - Holiday 2011 issue. If you missed part 1, or part 2, make sure you back up before reading part 3. 
The details of part 3 involves using the "ribbon fabric" to create your stocking. Once you have made your "ribbon fabric" and made sure it is big enough for the stocking pattern piece, you are ready to continue with construction!
If you flip the whole piece over you can easily see how the pattern piece fits your piece of "ribbon fabric".
 Lay the "ribbon fabric" aside and use your pattern piece to cut out 4 stocking pieces out of silk duponi. One will be used to back the "ribbon fabric", one will be the back of the stocking and the other two pieces are the lining.
 Take one silk duponi stocking piece and lay it over the top of the "ribbon fabric" that has the wrong side up. Stitch around the stocking about 1/8" from raw edge. On the toe you will work with right side up and work a decorative stitch on the edge of the last piece of ribbon and catching the toe of the silk dupioni.
 Cut the "ribbon fabric" following the cut edges of the stocking all the way around.
The top of the stocking is now ready for a little more embellishing and finishing, which will be in Part 4 tomorrow!

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Elsie said...

Laurie I love your stocking, it is so creative and beautiful. I love the pictures of your little grandson. He is soooo cute. I use
to make those overalls for my little boy about 42yr. ago. Yep my
little boy is 43yr. old now. It is so good to see those again. I wish I would have had a monogram machine back then. I use to try and monogram with just using a zigzag stitch and no pressure on the foot. Now I have a monogram machine and no little ones.


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