Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 days of sewing: a few sewing tips

Today's feature is a few of my favorite sewing tips!
• For heirloom sewing, use only glass head pins. The plastic head pins can melt and ruin your beautiful fabric.
• Lightly spray starch your French lace (English lace too) for easier handling. Take care not to stretch it. This also works well for pre-shrinking your lace.
• When sewing lace to lace, use a little piece of tissue stabilizer at the beginning of the seam to prevent the lace from being pulled down and eaten by the feed dogs. My favorite product to use is Stitch 'n Ditch.
• Use the Size 1.6/70 twin needles for pintucks on lightweight fabric like Swiss batiste. Choose the Size 2.0/80 for broadcloth.
• To get French seams to lay flat and not pucker, use a tiny zigzag stitch to sew the first run. Check out this GREAT tutorial HERE!
• Press your seams as you sew. Do not wait until the garment is finished to iron it, because it will look much better if you press each seam after sewing it.
• When sewing on a button by machine, use scotch tape to hold the button in place while you sew it.
Those are are just a few of my favorite sewing tips that I thought I would pass onto you!

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Sewconsult said...

Great tips and good reminders. I have one for you. If you have yards and yards of entredeux to trim, to add to lace, I use my serger. Just remove needles, position entredeux to be trimmed by the cutter and go to town! Pace yourself so you don't cut into the stitching. When I sewed for several little girls, my hands would get so tired of hand cutting off the seam allowance. One dress had 14 yds of ent. This method not only helps your hands, but is so fast.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN


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