Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 days of sewing: handmade in the usa!

One of my closest sewing friends, Sara, wrote a wonderful blog post yesterday. It is entitled "Do you know who made your kids clothes???" . In her blog post, she mentioned that she loves to read Kelly's Korner, and was especially interested Kelly's blog post about where you shop for your kids clothes.  Sara's blog post went on to tell how the very best place to shop for your kids clothes is right here in the USA! I couldn't agree with Sara more about that!! 
Sara also tagged me into a picture on facebook yesterday:
I loved how I then saw this picture circulate thru facebook! Did you know that the "Indie Design Movement" is one of the fastest growing movements around? Now you might ask - what the heck is that?  Well, the Indie Design Movement is made up of independent designers, artists and craftspeople who design and make a wide array of products without being part of large, industrialized businesses.
They are supported by a growing number of indie shoppers who are seeking niche and often handmade products as opposed to those mass-producted by corporations. Such products may include jewelry and other accessories, ceramics, clothing, glass, metal work, furniture, cosmetics, art and much more. 
Indie designers often sell their items directly to buyers by way of their own online shops, craft fairs, street markets and a variety of online marketplaces, such as Etsy, Artfire and Zibbett. However, they may also engage in consignment and/or wholesale relationships with retails outlets, both online and offline.
The Indie Design Movement can be seen as being an aspect of the general indie movement and DIY culture.
Like my friend Sara, I too, along with a growing number of WAHM's (Work At Home Moms), design and sell my own hand-mades. Like so many other WAHM's, my life situation doesn't allow me to be able to work outside the home, so I have to get creative and find ways to make money while staying at home. I have been doing this successfully for, well, lets just say a long-long time! I am one-hundred-percent for handmade and supporting the local and independent artists, designers and crafters in the USA! Next time you are looking for a gift, please consider supporting your local craftsperson!
Tomorrow I will share with you what my favorite aspect of sewing is, so make sure you come back, not just tomorrow, but everyday to see what's in my sewing journal - I will be sharing for 31 days straight! 
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cindy the cottage chick said...

You're on my 31-dayers reading list :) I so agree about supporting local crafters! I love that handmade is making a return, mainly thanks to the internet. Looking forward to more sewing posts!

Southern Gal said...

We have so many choices nowadays when it comes to buying handmade. I love Etsy and Big Cartel. I'll have to check out the others.


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