Monday, October 3, 2011

31 days of sewing: a passion for design

Sewing is my passion and within that passion lies a deeper passion; designing! I think my favorite part of sewing is the designing aspect. I love to design garments for children, create new sewing patterns, and I also enjoy creating machine embroidery designs. But before I can design, I have to be 
Creative Inspiration comes in many forms for me. I never know when an inspiration for design is going to hit me. Sometimes it comes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, other times it comes in the form of a vintage garment, vintage photograph, a particular fabric, or even just a pile of ribbon and lace! Sewing magazines can often inspire me not only to sew, but to design! 
Sudden creative inspirations can hit me anywhere, so I like to keep a sketchbook handy to quickly sketch a design that comes to mind. 
Most of you know that I am a commissioned designer for my most favorite sewing magazine, Sew Beautiful Magazine. What I love most about being a commissioned designer is when I get a sketch mailed to me with a box of fabric and lace - ohhhh, it's like a party in a box to me! 
I thought I would share in my Sewing Journal today and maybe even several times thru this 31 day journey, some of my published designs. They will be in no particular order - I will just randomly select one of my designs to feature on any given day.
Today I am going to share with you one of the biggest projects that I ever did for Sew Beautiful Magazine. It's a Vintage-Inspired Christening Gown, and the title of the article is "Vintage T-Yoke Christening Gown". It was featured in issue 121 in 2008.

This precious Christening Gown and bonnet is modeled by my first-born grandson. When I started on this project we didn't know if we were getting a grandson or a grand-daughter, so when it ended up being a boy, I asked my son if it would be ok to let him model the gown for the magazine - he reluctantly agreed as he proceeded to decorate the baby's nursery in camouflage! haha!
This gown was a bit of a challenge due to the fabric, which is a feather-light tissue silk. It was sooooo fine, but ohhh soooo beautiful!! Each panel of the skirt was carefully machine embroidered using Martha Pullen's Heirloom Classics III embroidery Disk. 
The design of this gown is an exact replica of an antique gown that was spotted in a book that was published at the turn of the century. The accompanying  lace bonnet is also my own design. I used some very wide lace edging from the 1752 company overlaid on the tissue silk.
I hope you enjoyed today's feature - be sure to check out all the other 31'ers HERE!
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