Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 days of sewing: sewing hope

"She seeks wool and flax and works willingly with her hands" -Proverbs 31:13
I'm always amazed at the many different kinds of sewing ministries that I hear about and also learn about on the internet. I often ask on my facebook page what sewing charities that ladies are involved in. I am very pleased that so many ladies are using their sewing talents to help those who are less fortunate. 
One of the sewing ministries that I have been involved in since 2002, is Threads of Love
These little dresses and gowns can bring such comfort and hope to a family who is grieving or uncertain about their baby's health. I have been so blessed by all the ladies who use their sewing talents in helping support my local chapter
Like many of you, I live an incredibly busy life, which tends to leave little time for any "extra" sewing projects. If I want to be involved in charity sewing, then I have to make time for it, because "extra time" usually doesn't present itself too often, if at all. 
Recently I have had several young moms at my church asking if I would teach them how to sew. I've kept that in the back of my mind, wondering just where I am going to find the "extra time" to do that. At the same time, our ladies ministry has been talking about mentoring, and I wondered just how I was going to be involved within that too. I also I feel it's very important to help these young moms learn the "tools of the trade", but wouldn't it be great to teach them those "tools of the trade" that they, in turn. can use in giving someone else hope?
Adopting orphans from other countries is becoming more and more common-place today. In the past three years, two of our pastors have adopted three precious orphans from Russia, and Africa will soon have 2 less orphans, as our youth pastor and family will soon be adding two little girls to their family! While thinking about that, my brain kicked into high gear the other day when I was reminded of a another great sewing ministry; "Little Dresses for Africa"
 In the coming months, I am sure I will have much more to share with you about this ministry, but for now, please watch this video that gives little girls in Africa hope, sewn in simple little dresses.

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Laurie said...

Sewing is a wonderful way to share our love of sewing. I sure hope my little friend and I at church are going to be able to get together and sew. I'm hoping to work with her on Little Dresses for Africa or Cancer pillow cases for kids.

A year or two ago ugly quilts were made for the homeless.

6blessings said...

Thanks for sharing! I am enjoying your 31 posts. I appreciate the Bible verse you shared. I also LOVE the dresses that designed in the last issue of Sew Beautiful.
Laurie R.


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