Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 days of sewing: vintage baby blanket

I love baby blankets! Like vintage baby garments, vintage baby blankets also intrigue me! When I have time (for some reason I don't seem to have much of that anymore), I like to go scrounging around in antique shops - online and in person! Several years ago, I came across this darling vintage baby blanket that I just HAD to have!
The fabric of this vintage blanket is scratchy wool and I just couldn't imagine a baby or toddler wrapping up in it. I decided that it might be a fun project to recreate the blanket using a soft and cuddly fabric!
I chose to use Austrian Cashmere Cotton and it turned out ohhhhh sooooo soft and sweet! I was also so pleased to have it featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine!

The cutest feature on this blanket is the 
wool felt dog and cat with moving parts!
This little kitten is bound and determined
to catch that fish!
All the stitching is hand embroidery!
I have created the entire pattern with all
supplies into a kit and you have your choice
of pink or blue Cashmere Cotton!
You can order the kits HERE!
If you prefer to make up your own kit, 
I also sell the Cashmere Cotton in pink & blue

I hope you enjoyed today's feature - be sure to check out all the other 31'ers HERE!

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Anonymous said...

This blanket is definitely cute! :) Thanks for the share. :)

Ginny said...

If memory serves, that vintage blanket is like one I used for my daughters (they are now 24 and 21), and which was either my mom or dad's. I almost want to did it out. Almost. I love your recreation.

stephen said...

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