Monday, November 21, 2011

vertical smocking / adding a 'lil bling!

Today we finish the 2nd column and add just a little bit of blingy-bling! After this journal entry, you will have learned all the stitch sequences you need to complete all the vertical smocking for your Christmas Ornament, which means construction & completion of the ornament will be in my Sewing Journal this week! If you missed the beginning of this series, then click HERE!
 Using green floss, begin on the inside
of the red column with a cable stitch
on Row 2-1/2 - work down to Row 3
and cable one
Continue the sequence, you should
know the sequence of the ladder stitch
working all the way down to Row 8-1/2
 Trellis 4 down to Row 9-1/2
Cable one and Trellis 4 up to Row 8-1/2
 Work the ladder stitch all the way up
to the top, then work the same trellis combination
at the top of the design.
Take thread to the back of your work, but
don't tie off.
 Work a cable on Row 2-1/2 right next
to the first one you did on the previous
ladder stitch sequence
Trellis 2 down to Row 3.
This is where I changed needles to a
Crewel #10 because it has a smaller eye.
Add a bead to the center of the cable
as you are working it, then trellis back up
to Row 2-1/2
Take the needle to the back, but do not
tie off.
 Let your thread fall within a valley on the
back of your work and invert your work and
keep working the beaded V-stitch down
the center of the column. This helps to
keep the knots to a minimum on the 
back of your work.
Once completed your 2nd column
should look like mine!
You now can continue working across your pleated panel alternating the columns as follows: 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 -1-2-1-2 - you should be able to fit 6 of each column on the pleated panel. If desired you could do every other beaded V-stitch in red with a green bead, or you can do all the beaded V-stitch as shown - another variation would be to alternate within the column, but you would end up with added knots on the back of the column.
I'm getting loads of hits on my blog, but very few comments - 
I do hope you are enjoying this
... I'd love to know what you think of it.


Sewconsult said...

Thank you for this design. I haven't been able to smock-a-long, but hope to make some after Thanksgiving. Thanks for your generosity.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Ginny said...

I was sure I left a comment on the first post of the series, but I don't see it. Here's my question again: please give us some help knowing what size to make our pleated piece. For instance, if I have a 3" styrofoam ball, do I pull the pleated section of the batiste up to 3" exactly? And are you going to talk about how to sew the finished pleating around the ball? Hope these questions make sense!

Rettabug said...

How CUTE this is going to look, Laurie! I ♥ the red beading!

You are SEW good at explaining your crisp, clear photos. I'm sending all my smocking wanna-be's over here to learn.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sweetie!
Mega Hugs all around the table,

Anonymous said...

What kind and size of beads are you using for your ornament?


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