Saturday, November 19, 2011

vertical smocking / column two

I hope you have been following along with me as I demonstrate how to vertically smock a Christmas ornament! Just in case you missed a lesson, I've made it easy to refer back to the previous posts by creating a page so that you can easily refer to all the Smock-a-long lessons. You can find the page up at the top of my blog in the tabs, or you can click here.
Today we will work on the 2nd column as we work across the pleated panel. Descriptions will fall under each picture.
For this column, you will begin on row 2-1/2
Come up thru the valley that is directly to the 
right of the outside cable stitch of the previous column
 Cable one, then drop down to Row 3
and cable one
Notice stitches have been worked on 4 pleats
these same 4 pleats will be the only pleats worked
until we get to the bottom of the stitch sequence.
There are no free pleats from the first column that
was worked to the 2nd column.
 Invert and work up to the 1/2 space
cable one
 Continue working the ladder stitch until
you reach Row 8-1/2
 Trellis stitch 6 down to Row 10
Cable one
 Trellis stitch 6 up to Row 8-1/2
Cable one - make sure thread is coming
out the top of the cable stitch
 Invert work and begin working the ladder
stitch sequence again 
 Work the ladder stitch up to Row 2-1/2 
 Invert work and trellis 6 to Row 1
(remember work is upside-down right now)
Cable one
 Trellis stitch 6 up to the first cable
stitch that was worked in the ladder stitch sequence.
Take needle down thru the valley to the back of work
and tie off.
This completes the 2nd column, which you will
notice is wider than the previous column.
Next lesson I will teach 2 more stitch sequences
for the inside of this column.
I hope you are enjoying
Please feel free to share my lesson series on facebook, blogs, forums or to your Smocking Guilds - I especially love helping SAHM's (Stay-at-home-mom's)learn the art of smocking!

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