Thursday, November 17, 2011

vertical smocking / creating diamonds

This is the 2nd part of a Smock-a-long series. We are working on a vertically smocked Christmas ornament. If you missed part one, you will need to back up to catch up.
I failed to name the stitch in the previous post and I want to make sure I give you stitch names, as it's important information. Speaking of important information, I want to encourage you to keep a journal for your smocking . It would be great to add a picture of your own smocking as we work along on this project. Within your journal you can make a stitch library so that you can remember each stitch that is taught within this lesson series. 
The first stitch taught in vertical smocking is the ladder stitch. We will be working another ladder stitch in green within the red stitching. The ladder stitch in this lesson will create diamonds when completed.
Descriptions will be below each picture.
 Begin on the half-space between Row 1 and Row 2
Work an up cable
 Flip your work over and now the cable becomes 
a down cable. Take your needle to the very next pleat
and up to the next row.
 Cable one - make sure thread is coming out
the top of the cable stitch.
Notice we have just worked over 4 pleats
these same 4 pleats will be the only pleats
that will have stitches on them for this side of 
the ladder stitch.
 Flip your work (invert)
Cable one, leaving the thread coming out 
the bottom of the cable stitch
 Continue the sequence of the ladder stitch
until you reach the bottom center.
Work a down cable
Do not flip you work - we will now be 
working up on the right side.
 Take needle up 1/2 space and over to the 
very next pleat.
 Cable one - leave thread coming up
out of the top of the cable
 To create the diamond, slide your
needle up thru the center cable stitch
The center cable stitch will hold your
thread and will complete a diamond.
 Take your needle up 1/2 space and over to
the very next pleat and cable one
 Continue working that same stitch sequence
all the way up - making sure you slide your
needle thru each of the center cable stitches.
 When you reach the top, take your
needle thru the valley just under the top
center cable stitch. Tie off on back.
The finished column should look like this!
A pretty ladder stitch that created diamonds!
Next lesson, I will teach another column style and we will continue making columns in a sequence across the pleated panel.
I hope my instructions are clear and easy to understand, and I hope you are enjoying my
 As always, if you have any questions, you can email me  - just click on the contact tab and shoot me an email. Comments are always appreciated too! :)

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