Wednesday, November 16, 2011

vertical smocking - {getting started}

Thank you for joining me in a Christmas Ornament
This will be a very graphic-heavy post today as I show the stitches of the entire first row of vertical stitches. One thing to keep in mind; you will be inverting your work often as you work your first vertical row. Note: you will always be working across 4 pleats for this portion of the vertical row. 
There are 12 rows pleated - Row 1 and Row 12 are holding rows - you will not be smocking on either of those rows. When I refer to "Row 1", I am referring to the row shown with yellow thread.
Descriptions of the steps will be under each photo.
 Begin several pleats from the left edge on Row 2 
(Note: First row in white is my holding row,
Row 1 is yellow
Row 2 is Black)
Bring needle up thru the valley of a pleat
then take needle thru the pleat to the left 
of the valley.
 Bring needle to the next pleat to the right
keep needle horizontal and take a stitch
 We will be working in 1/2 spaces
Bring needle down 1/2 space and stitch into
the very next pleat to the right
Cable stitch one
 Make sure your thread is coming out of 
the bottom of the cable stitch
Notice we have worked across 4 pleats
these will be the only 4 pleats we will
be working on until we reach the 
bottom of this stitch sequence.
 Invert the pleated fabric (turn it upside-down)
Take needle to the guide row and pick up 
the very next pleat to the right
Cable one - make sure the thread
comes out of the top of the cable stitch
 Your work should now look like mine
Now invert again
 Bring needle down 1/2 space
pick up next pleat to the right
 Cable one
Make sure thread is coming out of
the bottom of the cable stitch
Invert the panel
 Bring needle to next pleat to the right
and up onto the next row
 Cable one making sure thread comes
out the top of the cable as shown
Continue working the stitches vertically
until you reach Row 9
Trellis 4 down to Row 10
 Cable One
 Trellis 4 up to Row 9
 Invert work
Take needle to pleat on the right
 Cable one - make sure thread
comes out the bottom of the cable
 Invert work - we will now start
working our way back up to the top
to complete this portion of vertical stitches
 Working between 4 pleats, alternating,
work the stitches in the same manner that
you worked on the left
 Once you reach the top (Row 2)
make sure your thread is coming out
the top of the last cable stitch
 Invert and trellis 4 down to Row 1
Cable one
 Trellis 4 up to Row 3
Take needle down into the valley
under the cable stitch
Tie off on back of smocking.
Your first line of vertical stitches should 
look like mine!
Next lesson will be a diamond design vertically worked within the line just completed!
I would LOVE your feedback on this lesson - please leave your comments!


Elsie said...

Laurie I love the vertical smocking. I never thought to try that before. I have been winging it for a long time. I am so glad you show how to do all that you do. It has helped me so much. No one in my area smocks. I made an
ornament smocked horizontal last year. I didn't exactly know what to do with the ends so I gathered them up and hid them under a bow.
My friend had an ornament that had a train smocked all the way around it. I always loved it. Thanks so much for all of your time and I hope you heal quickly.

Bonnie said...

Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial. The instructions are so clear. I am new to smocking. So I am excited to get started on these.


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