Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a Handmade Christmas

I've somehow managed to get some sewing accomplished this year! I'm actually pretty darn happy with myself too - seriously! Last year I had all kinds of BIG plans, but didn't barely accomplish what I had hoped. So far this year, I have accomplished my goal, and that makes me really happy! I think maybe this year I made my goals easier to accomplish than last year...a valuable lesson learned, indeed!
I made a smocked ornament, a pair of pj's, for my oldest grandson, and also finished up a coordinating pair for my youngest grandson today. I don't have a great picture of them, but I will post one when he's wearing them - hopefully! I made his with gripper bottom feet - so darn cute!  
Today I finished up this reversible jon-jon 
for my youngest grandson.
I used the softest feather-wale red corduroy
and an applique which I am totally
in love with! What makes this jon-jon so great is
that it's perfect for Christmas, but not so
"Christmas" that he can't wear it thru the 
rest of the winter.
 The reverse side of the jon jon is a red, brown
and white plaid cotton fabric, with my grandson's monogram.
All fabrics were purchased from Farmhouse Fabrics.
I used the same applique on this
purchased camo-shirt for my oldest
grandson. He's crazy about camouflage,
and I thought this design lends itself well
for wearing after Christmas too. I think
he's gonna love it! His applique is a bit bigger
than his little cousin's, and I used all the same
fabrics for applique so that they would coordinate.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Handmade Christmas - I can't wait to see my sweet grandsons together on Christmas Day!! I hope I can snap a shot of them together in their appliqued hand-mades in the midst of all the excitement and wonder of Christmas!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Love the boys outfits....my little grandsons have grown up too fast.
Love reading your blog and hope next year I can get more sewing in for 2012!!!
Thanks for all your great designs!


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