Monday, December 12, 2011

monogram obsession

Hmm, I wonder if there is rehab for monogram obsession....or perhaps a 12-step program for people like me. I know, the first step in knowing you have an obsession is to admit it. Ok, so I admit, I have an obsession with monograms! Sometimes I sit and dream about things I can monogram. I should check myself into rehab, except for the simple fact that I have no desire to fix this obsession! Fact is, I am entirely in love with having everything and anything monogrammed! I just can't help it, I LOVE monograms and Pinterest has only increased my obsession with them! 
I was suppose to be making pj's for my grandson today, and, as often happens, I got side-tracked in my sewing room. While digging thru my sewing room closet (I have no idea what I was looking for - oh wait! I was looking for gripper fabric for the feet of the pj's! LOL), anyway, I found a box that I keep vintage linens in, along with some other special linens. Within that box, I found several monogrammed hankies that belonged to my grandmother.
I remember that my grandmother always had a hankie. I don't think I ever saw her without one in my entire life! I {love} that all three of these hankies are monogrammed with her initial!
What I love about monograms are that they are timeless and classic!
I first came across this white handkerchief linen 
hankie with a shadow work "B" - {love}
I then found this one - soooooo gorgeous! Sorry the pic is yellowed - the hankie is really very white! 
While I continued to dig thru the linen box, I found a linen tea towel and that's when I got REALLY side-tracked from sewing pj's! Ok, so maybe it's Attention Deficit Disorder in the Sewing Room! The monogrammed "B" reminded me of a monogram font that I have been wanting to use on something. Before I could get side-tracked on something else, I started digging in my remnant box for the perfect fabric for contrast to use with the linen and lace tea towel.
Yep! This combo should do just fine!
My brain suddenly went into a full-blown monogram, linen, lace and vintage button obsession mode! I actually love it when that happens!! Here's what all my little obsessions wrapped into one, came up with.
I monogrammed the linen tea towel 
with an awesome monogram that I
purchased from embroidery arts!
Font name is "Gothic 10"
I increased the size of the font "a lot"! I resized it to approx. 5"x6". Not all embroidery software will allow you to do that and re-calibrate stitches correctly, but my Bernina Software does it beautifully!
Pillow size is a baby-size pillow form.
I used the tan fabric behind the lace edge 
to give it a "pop-factor"
 I added vintage buttons from my stash 
for added embellishment and it makes 
it interesting - none of the buttons match.
I also added a button closure to the back, using
more vintage buttons (un-matched) from my stash!
I suppose I could have monogrammed this side
of the pillow too, but I'm too in love with the
lacy side to not keep it displayed!
I also really liked the idea of the hem-stitching
of the tea towel showing up on the back of the pillow!
I love my new monogrammed pillow on my bed 
and it was so quick and easy to make!
...and it filled my obsession for monograms least for today anyway!


Sewconsult said...

What a great idea. I have a stack of some of my mother's and have been wondering what I should do with them. If I have enough, I think each of her granddaughters might just have a little pillow added to their gifts.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a nice way to use up all those lovely tea towels. But as far as your obsession goes, I say live with it and revel in it! No 12-step program! Celebrate the obsession with monograms!


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