Thursday, December 29, 2011

year in review

It's just days away from a brand New Year, and I can't help but look back over 2011 and evaluate...
As I read over that list, I don't feel too bad about not accomplishing all the goals I set for myself, because I think I was pretty successful in accomplishing many of them. 
My year in review
Number one on my list was: 

  • Spend at least 8 hours in my sewing room per day - ok, wait, I will settle for spending whatever time I can get in my sewing room per day, because that is attainable!

Yay! I accomplished this goal - no, I didn't spend every day in my sewing room, but I did spend whatever time I could squeeze in and that makes me happy!
Number 2 on my list was:

  • Write a book - yep! you read it right, one of my BIG goals for 2011 is to write a book, and yes, it is sewing-related! Oh, and not just write one (or two), but to have it published!

Ok, so I didn't accomplish this, however, it is still in the works! Writing a book takes LOADS of time and energy and one important lesson I have learned in this process is to not be in a hurry - taking time to do it right should pay off in the end.....we shall see! :)

Even tho I didn't finish my book, I did have several of my designs published in Sew Beautiful Magazine and became a "cover girl" for the 3rd time with my Christmas Stocking making the cover of the Holiday 2011 Edition!
Number 3 on my list was:
  • Get all the designs & patterns that are in my head onto the sewing table and in my computer so that they can become real patterns, not just ones that are stuck in my head - and yes, I have alot of them stuck in my head!
I feel pretty good about this goal - I did come up with some new patterns and designs in 2011. Oh, I still have a lot more crammed in my head that needs to be in my computer and on paper. I think that will be an endless goal for me - new ideas are always in the works!
Number 4 on my list was:
  • Get all my ePatterns as paper patterns and available to distributors.
Ok, so I failed miserably at this goal - it just didn't happen.....and I didn't even really make a good effort to make it happen. I've also come to the reality that more and more people want patterns as ePatterns so they have instant downloads, whether than waiting for a paper pattern to arrive in the mail. 
Number 5 on my list was:
  • Learn new sewing techniques and teach more sewing techniques on my website/blog thru tutorials.
I'm very pleased with this goal, as I did learn many new sewing techniques and I did create lots and lots of new tutorials on my blog this year! I also created my own YouTube Channel, and my weekly newsletter with all kinds of goodies, which you can subscribe to!
Number 6 on my list was:
  • Market my Trendy Hospital Gowns.
I learned a lot with this goal and I feel like I succeeded in many ways with it too. I didn't actually "market" my gowns, as I found out just how hard that is when you are the only one sewing them. Keeping up with orders was a challenge at times thru the year, but I managed to work out a system that worked for me. In this process, decided to make my Trendy Hospital Gown available as an ePattern which has been a HUGE success! Also, I have made available my Cottage Industry Licensing Program which allows the licensee the right to use my pattern(s) in your profit-making home business.
Number 7 on my list was:
  • Get to know my serger better - I have an amazing serger (Babylock Evolve) and it does some pretty amazing things....or so I've seen - I'm determined to learn more of what it's capable of and then sharing what I learn on my blog!
I feel I somewhat accomplished this - I have learned more about my amazing serger, and I did share a few techniques on my blog, using a serger. I still have so much to learn and many, many more techniques I want to try in the future.
Number 8 on my list was:
  • New designs for boys is another BIG goal - especially since I have two grandsons!
Success!! I have created some new designs for boys - one of which will be in an up-coming issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine, which will also follow with a new pattern in 2013!
Number 9 on my list was:
  • Weed out my sewing stash - yep, I have just toooooo much stuff, and in 2011 I plan to purge! The best part of this goal is that many of these purges might be found in giveaways on my blog!
I did do a lot of purging and I still have a lot more to go! LOL!
And last, but not least is Number 10 on my list:

  • Keep sewing room organized so that I am not wasting valuable sewing time looking for something that wasn't put away in it's proper place!
I think this is the toughest challenge I set for myself!! It was a battle between success and failure depending on the project I was working on. I  have "sew" much more to say about this as I share my goals for 2012 in a few days!

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Ginny said...

How did I miss that you'd made your hospital gown available as a pattern? I am so excited about this! I will definitely be ordering the pattern, and at least making a gown for myself for when I get mammograms (I think they'd be perfect for that!). I hope, someday, that I'll be able to make some for my daughters - only one is married and I know they're not ready for children yet, but someday! I'm so glad you mentioned the pattern on your blog today!


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