Saturday, January 14, 2012

roll, whip & apply lace in one simple step!

Even tho I am reduced to one arm, it's not stopping me from doing what I love to do, and that is sew! As I was prepping and pleating up two bonnets to smock today, I took the opportunity to create a quick tutorial. Rarely do I ever roll and whip by hand - my machine just does it so much prettier, not to mention quicker and easier! I always add lace edging to my bonnet brims and I do it in one simple step! I touched on this topic once before, but it's worthy of it's own journal entry. 
Roll, Whip & Apply Lace
I sew on a Bernina Artista 200, but these instructions should work with any sewing machine that can do a zig zag stitch.
 I use Foot #3, which you see has 3 prongs off the "toe"
 Machine setting is zig-zag stitch, set to width of 4, length of 1.5
and I moved the needle to the 3rd dot from the left
Place the lace edging on top of the fabric (right side up). Position it so that the lace edge is lined up with the left side of the middle prong and the edge of the fabric is lined up with the right side of the middle prong.

When you begin stitching, like magic the fabric 
will roll over the heading of the lace!
This is how it looks when it is completed! I love this stitch because there are no pokies of fabric popping out anywhere - just a nice, clean finished edge, neatly rolled and whipped!
Press out the lace and look how beautiful the
lace is stitched to the edge of the fabric!
It's just as easy as that!! 
If you want to add pin-stitching, then those instructions are here!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I never have the nerve to try this, I always stitch the lace down first, then roll and whip. But after reading this, I'll give it another try. By the way, your photos are great!

Ginny said...

I still remember when I learned to roll and whip many years ago. It's a magical process that I've used many, many times over the years. Your instructions are wonderful, and if I didn't already know how to do this, I'm sure I could follow them easily!

Sabrina said...

I just found your blog and it's great! I'm going to save up for a Bernina (maybe the new 580 - what are your thoughts on the wide stitch - does poorly affect the feed or does stitch-and-tear fix that issue?)

I've signed up to your blog because it's one of the best I've found!

Have a nice day!


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