Friday, January 13, 2012

surgical sewing

What's a girl to do when she has to have shoulder surgery? Monogram her sling, of course!
A shoulder dislocation (on several occasions) led to a tear, that necessitated surgery last Monday. Not a fun surgery, by any means, but I have to make the best of it! I seriously considered making myself a Trendy Hospital Gown, but figured they wouldn't let me wear it, or it would get totally ruined in surgery, so I scrapped that idea. 
I had to pick up my sling and take it to surgery with me, so I had it about a week in advance. Since it will be a regular part of my everyday attire for the next 4-6 weeks, I decided that I might as well monogram it and make it pretty! I'm sure I will get alot of comments on it, and it's pretty much a walking billboard if I want to do any monogramming for anyone - hehe!
Ice packs are also something that I knew I would be using multiple times a day, so I got busy and made some!
Easiest way to do this was to use cloth diapers and stuffing beads! 
Even if you aren't having surgery, these are a nice and easy thing to make up to have on hand. You can put them in your freezer or warm them up in the microwave to use as a heat pack!
All I did was take a cloth diaper and folded it in half lengthwise and serged the seam, creating a tube. I then turned it right side out and with the seam in the center, I machine straight-stitched down the center length, creating two tubes. I then serged one end of the diaper. I now had two tubes that I filled half-way with stuffing beads, which I purchased at Wal-mart. Once the tubes were half-full. I serged the end and that was it!! The diapers make a perfect ice or heat pack, since they are thick and cushioned, as well as absorbent. I made two, so that one is always in the freezer ready when the other one is in use. I really like these much better than the old rice packs we used to make several years ago. I could have monogrammed these too, but I just didn't want to take the time to do it.
I am doing amazingly well, just 5 days out from surgery - I can now type with two hands, which also means that I will be heading back into the sewing room next week - can't keep me out of there for too long - I just have too many things I want to work on!
By the way - these cold winter days are perfect for a heat pack - so get busy and make some - you can even heat one up and put it in your bed to warm it up!
These ice/heat packs retain their temp for an amazingly long time!!
Happy Stitching!


Sewbusymor said...

Laurie...glad you are healing so well, need to hear more about what your surgery was...I too have a shoulder that is a bad boo boo...AND THANKS for the icepack/heat pack idea!! Am off to find some sturdy [old] diapers...bag full somewhere...and some stuffing beads...amazing what sewing sisters have in common! Karin

ShirleyC said...

Laurie, I had no clue. Your FB posts aren't showing in my feeds. I looked on your page after seeing this, and wonder if it's because you're on the new timeline.
I hope everything heals really good. I had shoulder surgery 3 years ago, and it didn't help. So aggravating. I really need the use of my shoulder/arm.
Praying for you.

Goosegirl said...

Oh Laurie, I pray you heal quickly! I need to make some ice packs for India. I had never heard of these beads. I best run out and get some!! Thank you for the idea!!!!

Jan M said...

Love the monogrammed sling! Wishing you swift and painless healing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your positive attitude. You are definitely taking an unpleasant situation and looking how to make the best of it, even making it a bright time. Thanks for your example. I also thank you for your little tutorial on making ice packs, that was great!
God Bless You and I pray a speedy recovery for you.
Marie Roche

Rettabug said...

I'm sorry to hear that you needed surgery, Laurie, but it sounds like you're doing well & healing fast. Can't keep a good woman down, right?

♥ the monogrammed sling...only you!

Gentle Healing Hugs,

Elsie said...

Laurie~ I am so glad you are doing better. I love your idea for the ice/heat packs. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be making these.
Do they still sell cloth diapers?
My grandchildren are all teenagers.
It's been a long time since I have seen a diaper.:)

Michele P said...

Thank you for sharing! I found you on Pinterest!
Michele P

Ingrid Malcolm said...

How smart! How long do you heat them up for in the microwave?


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