Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sweetly embellished!

Several weeks ago I was honored to be asked by my local SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America) Chapter, Sew Many Things, to present a trunk show of some of my Sew Beautiful Magazine published garments. I was amazed at how many comments I got on one of the simplest and sweet embellishment techniques that I use quite often on garments. I decided to share my embellishment technique in my Sewing Journal & I hope you find many uses for it!  
One of the most used lace edgings I love to use is this tiny scalloped lace by Capitol Imports, Inc.
I find so many uses for this precious edging. It's the perfect size for preemie garments, but it's also darling to use wherever you want just a little bit of lace.
So precious on a collar
or on a pretty sleeve!
 Combining the tiny scalloped lace and floss can give you so many adorable combinations!
Just a touch of blue embroidery floss weaved into the scalloped lace give you the look of twisted piping! By the way, that cute bullion bumblebee is available HERE!
It even looks darling down the front opening 
of this sweet baby boy's bubble!
Combine other machine stitches to give an interesting
technique, such as this sleeve. I first serged the edge of
the sleeve and then turned it under and topstitched.
I then attached the scalloped lace with a zigzag stitch!
I used the same technique on the border panel
I created for this bishop dress!
By the way, you can download the 
ladybug border free HERE!
This technique is simply weaving one way,
then going back and weaving the other way
to get the "X" - this is another darling
embellishment perfect for boys!
It's such a simple technique, but I thought it would help to show you exactly how it's done!
 The type of floss you use will result in a bit of a different look. I am using DMC Pearl Cotton, but feel free to try 2-3 strands of embroidery floss or even floche.
 To create the "x" style, just work one way up the scallops, taking your needle in and out each scallop. When you get to the end, just work back down the lace, creating the crosses.
Using two different colors of floss also 
results in an interesting look!
I hope you find many uses for this technique to make many sweetly embellished creations!


Esther Grant said...

Love this beautiful and versatile idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

Goosegirl said...

So darling!! I love that trim and it is so precious with the different colors of floss!

Jeannie B. said...

So Cute!! And so much easier to sew on than Rick Rack!! You are a clever girl!

QueenBe said...

Outstanding!! Your work is amazing, just amazing.

Saint Nolt Sews said...

This is so cool! I love it. So creative, but so subtle. The best of all worlds!

Sara said...

love this!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I looked at the Capitol Imports website but wasn't sure of the number of this edging. Would you mind giving it to me?


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