Monday, February 20, 2012

applique with silhouette cameo

I have been having a lot of fun with my Silhouette Cameo! Today I decided to try creating my applique shapes in the Silhouette software, then cutting out my applique shapes with the machine. I don't know about you, but it gets to be a drag to cut around all those applique shapes while everything is in the hoop. My Silhouette Cameo now makes it a breeze! 
The first step was to create the applique, I found a picture to trace around and pulled it into my Bernina Artista Embroidery Software, and created the applique.
Note: I resized the Chocolate Lab after I took this screenshot - I ended up making it quite a big larger and had to hoop up to my mega-hoop with the dog rotated. I then saved the applique as a .jpg file.
I opened the .jpg into a drawing program. I used the program Eazydraw, which is a drawing program that I L.O.V.E! I use that software for soooo many sewing-related things, including drawing my ePatterns!
After tracing the applique, I removed the .jpg, which revealed my line art.
Since the bandana would be another color fabric, I grabbed it and moved it to another area on the page.
The next step was to fill the applique shapes with solid black. I then saved the entire sheet of shapes as a new .jpg file.
Next step was to open the Silhouette Software and import the .jpg into my library. I then opened the design onto the page.
You will need to trace around the images to create cutting lines. From the Silhouette Software, choose "trace".
Click on the image you want to trace around, then choose "trace outer edge". Repeat the same step for all applique pieces.
When all parts are traced, it will look like this! My next step I forgot to take a screenshot, but what I did was move the bandana back onto the dog. I then selected all the parts as one and resized the image so that it was just barely under the size that the applique is in my embroidery software. You have to make certain that the applique parts in the Silhouette Software are as close as possible to the same size as your applique in the embroidery software. Once you get it to the correct size, then select the bandana and move it out of the way, like I have shown above.
Before I placed the fabric on the cutting mat, I ironed Heat 'n Bond to the back of the fabric. I used a very fine featherwale brown corduroy for the dog and a red cotton for the bandana.
Load the cutting mat with the fabric into the Silhouette Cameo.
I did a double cut, since the brown featherwale is a little thicker fabric. The parts cut out like a dream tho! It's now time to head to the sewing room! Hoop the fabric and let the machine stitch the outlines first, then add in the cut parts and let the machine satin stitch around the part!
I love, love, love how this was working out for me - each piece added was a HUGE time-saver for me!
"sew" easy!!
Love the precision!!!
Beautifully stitched!
Later this week I will show you what I am making with my sweet Chocolate Lab!
I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial!

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Esther Grant said...

This is beyond clever, amazing and perfect and you're such a genius to figure it all out so quickly. I'm soooo impressed and, as always, thanks so much for sharing.

Julie Warner said...

I cannot get over all the wonderful products that making sewing and embroidery so much simpler. Wouldn't my grandmother and great-grandmother be jealous!

Heather Mayfield said...

I purchased the Silhouette brand interfacing (HOLY EXPENSIVE, BATMAN!)... do you use regular old Heat-n-bond from the fabric store?!?! And it works?

Anonymous said...

This may sound like a silly question, but when do you iron the cut design on your fabric? Is it before you machine embroider or after?? Thanks!

Cindy in State College, PA said...

Great tutorial - one question, though - you said after you traced your designs in the Silhouette software, you resized them to make them the same size as in the embroidery software. How did you know what that size was?


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