Friday, March 23, 2012

disney-inspired pillowcase dress

I think one of the easiest and most popular summer dress to make is the pillowcase dress. There are all kinds of different ways you can make them and the possibilities on design are endless! I think that's what makes this little dress so much fun!
I was recently commissioned to make a Minnie Mouse themed one by a friend. I can't even begin to tell you how much FUN I had making this little dress!
When I took this picture, I had forgotten to add a red with white polka-dot ribbon bow to Minnie Mouse's head, so imagine that it is there!
The first thing I did was create the Minnie Mouse applique in my Bernina Embroidery Software. This is such a simple design, since it is just three circles merged together! 
I often have reservations about embroidering first names on children's garments, especially when the garment is going to be worn in very public places, full of strangers. Instead, I chose to just put the first letter of the child's name on the Minnie Mouse, which adds a safer personalization!
The lower border of the dress is a tiny black and white polka dot and black rick rack was added about 1" above the seam line.
Most pillowcase dresses you see are tied on the shoulders - altho it's cute, I'm not a big fan of the shoulder ties, especially on a baby or toddler....reason being, they just look too bulky and too easily come untied. I also don't really care for it to tie on one side at the shoulder - this also seems a little bulky and little hands can too easily pull the bow out. My favorite choice is this:
a bow tied in the back!
I love the look of a bow on the back of a little girl's dress and the tails of the ribbon just add to the adorable-ness of it all! The dress has one seam, which is at the center back and about a 6" opening is left at the back to make it easy to get onto a child without disrupting the way the ribbon is threaded thru the casing.
I have FREE instructions for making this style of pillowcase dress and you can find that HERE!
I also made a shirt for big brother to wear to coordinate with little sister.
I created the tie applique in my Bernina Embroidery software, then added in a small Mickey Mouse applique to the bottom of the tie with an initial. I think it turned out adorable! What I like about this tie applique is that all the edges of the applique is satin stitched and the "knot" of the tie follows the neckline curve of the t-shirt perfectly!
I think this disney-inspired set is one of my favorite brother/sister creations!  I can't wait to see them modeled on the two little cuties that these are for!
The appliques will be available soon from Brer Rabbit Designs!


Saint Nolt Sews said...

So cute and fun for the kiddos to wear!

Anonymous said...

So I jumped on the bandwagon with this dress and it is so simple and sweet. Question: how big should the armhole be for a size 7? I'm pretty sure that I have the length right based on another pattern and I used the full 44" WOF but, boy does that armhole look small. I'm making it for a birthday present so can't try it on the intended wearer. Any insight would be much appreciated.


Denise gambino said...

I am so thankful for this post, I've made the Disney style one and a couple others. These dresses are adorable, and fun to make!

Heather said...

Hey I am so new to this and I'm so excited to start making these for my daughter, family and friends!! This may be a stupid question but where's the best place to get the fabric/pillowcases? I know where to get the other materials but not sure about the other what works best for the dresses and rompers.


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