Wednesday, May 9, 2012

inspired by distraction

Anyone else, like me,  suffer from mild to extreme cases of Attention Deficit Disorder in the Sewing Room (ADDSR)? The title of my journal today, “inspired by distraction” might almost seem like an oxymoron, but it’s true, you can be inspired while being totally distracted. 
Inspiration in the midst of distractions can strike at any moment and completely without warning. It tends to happen most often when my brain is flooded with creative ideas that usually are found right in my sewing room! I’ve been known to be inspired by something as little as a dreamy piece of vintage lace oozing out of a drawer.
...or a spilled jar of interesting buttons and buckles!
I can walk into my sewing room to work on a specific project, realize that the room is a total disaster and “Boom!” inspiration suddenly strikes!  I might walk past a table of vintage patterns and instantly I am distracted from what I suppose to be working on, and my mind goes into another world. Literally hours can pass, as I dream of which one I want to use and what fabrics I might choose to create it.
A leftover piece of lace, scraps of fabric, ribbon and buttons can distract me in no time flat in thinking up ideas of how I can use those items to create something unique and beautiful. Books & magazines in my sewing room also cause distractions that can also be ohhh sooo inspiring!
Although my sewing room is chocked full of vintage inspiration, it doesn’t have to be vintage things that spark inspiration to create. I get equally inspired by the distraction of awesome stacks of very modern fabric just waiting to be created into something wonderful for my grandsons or a friend's new baby!
I have to admit that I've had ADDSR for years and it only gets worse as technology gets better, you see I also deal with these types of distractions...
ummm, yes, I'm totally not ashamed...that would be sirius xm radio with some inspirational music playing, my iPhone with incoming email, my iPad with Pinterest inspirations and my macbook all up and running at the same time as my "powered by windows" (oh, why can't it be a mac?)Bernina Artista! Yes, I try to convince myself that this is not causing me more distractions....I rather like to think of it as multi-tasking at it best - I mean it's truly a gift, right?! date, there is no known cure of AADSR, but I do hope that
the next time you walk into your sewing room, 
you can be inspired by distraction!


Jan said...

I got such a kick out of you describing exactly what happens to me and I'm sure many creative ladies out there. Here's to a little happy distraction.

auntie said...

It is nice to know that I am not the only one with this disease (um, condition!). I will often sit down with the clear intention of finishing something, anything only to find myself inspired by the color of the sky or the birds feeding outside my window. Once the inspiration bug bites it won't be satisfied until I have at least gotten out still more fabric, trims, and patterns and scattered them about my sewing room. I tell my husband and daughter that they are there to keep the creative juices flowing.
I love your moniker by the way. My etsy page is Old Sew n Sew.

Sewbusymor said...

As I start to look for something and find a bag with 31 packages of double folded bias [1/4inch] in assorted colors...and then go looking for the fabric why I bought all those then find a finished dress that now I want to cut it apart to re-create something better...' name is Karin...I have ADHDSR bad' LOL

Sewconsult said...

When I buy new fabrics or patterns, etc, they have to come into the sewing room and get acquainted before they can be put away. Unfortunately, there are alot of them having a good ol' time getting acquainted for far too long here.

Sew Sleepless said...

I too suffer from ADDSR. All the little snippets we save can send me off on a wild sewing tangent. It is "sew" heartening to learn I am not alone! Love your blog posts Laurie. They help me with my creativity and are very inspiring to my human spirit! Hugs and stitches.

Nikki said...

The post immediately brought a smile and a chuckle. Nice to know that there are others like me. Now I wish my husband could understand that I really can think in all my clutter.

FlyAwayHome said...

Oh thank you so much for this's good to know i am not alone. I truly thought i was the only one with these distractions. I can be actually sewing one thing and already thinking about that next project. I sew quite a bit in bed...meaning i lay in bed planning and picking fabric.

embroidery designs said...

Hi laurie! Just bloghopping in your little corner here in the internet. I'm OC but I know that a little clutter is also good! :-) I get little inspirations on my next embroidery project from old bookshelves, clothes strewn all over the floor, etc.


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