Monday, May 28, 2012


Vintage things always seem to inspire me. While I do appreciate many different styles, there is something about vintage items that seem to spark inspiration in me! Since I am about to insert a picture here, I feel like I need to define "vintage".  Vintage clothing is defined as being from the 1920's to the 1960's. 
This is a picture is of me and I don't particularly want to tag myself as "vintage", however, I have to admit this picture was taken in the 1960's! My mom made the sweet little ruffled sunsuit and hat that I am wearing! Oh, how I wish I had this little sunsuit set, or at least the original pattern she used!
That picture is what inspired me to create my newest ePattern "Vintage-Inspired Sunsuit"!
The style is as close as possible as I could get to recreate the sunsuit that my mom made for me. I also managed to find a vintage pattern and my mom said it looked almost exactly like the one she used to make my sunsuit. Having this vintage pattern helped somewhat, but the original pattern pieces were not in the pattern. The vintage pattern did have some hand-drawn pattern pieces, but they just didn't seem to be correctly to scale, so I ended up working off from a diagram to draft my pattern pieces.
When I draft patterns, I try hard to create ePatterns that work for boys, as well as for girls, and this pattern really made it easy for me to do that. The boys version of this sunsuit has a pocket on the bib as well as two back pockets. Both sunsuits lend themselves nicely to adding a monogram on the bib.
My newest ePattern is now available at


Elsie said...

Oh my goodness Laurie that is the sweetest picture. I love that sunsuit and if I can't find my pattern from back then I will order yours. I'm not sure how to copy it off on the printer but I will figure it out. I mean to say how to get it to the size I need. I love all that you sew and create. You are so darn talented.

Linda said...

How nice! I also love vintage. Thank you for sharing.


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