Monday, June 25, 2012

in an instant!

In today's world, everything seems to be speeded up. One hour photo - too slow! 10-minute oil change - too slow! Fast food - too slow! It seems like everyone is in a hurry for something.  Hectic schedules and fast-paced lives, the need for instant contact and replies, high speed Internet, cell phones, text messages, faxes, they are all part of our gotta-have-it-now world. And with all that rushing comes the demand for solutions - Now! ASAP! Instantly! As in yesterday! There is nothing worse than being in a hurry for something and having to wait!
This past year, I have been creating and selling PDF patterns. I still have many new customers who are very new and unfamiliar with PDF patterns and how they work and some who are still very intimidated by them. If you are a little bit intimidated by PDF patterns, you shouldn't be. I hope that I can clearly show you how easy they are and how quickly you can get sewing with them! Along with that is the added benefit of an instant download for those who are in a really-really big hurry!

What are PDF or ePatterns & how do they work?
PDF or ePatterns are print-at-home patterns that are in a PDF format. You use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file. The patterns are in image or line drawing format and each page is marked where you tape the pieces together to make the whole pattern. Think of it as a very simple jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces only can match up in one way. You just tape the pages together, then cut out your pattern pieces and use them as you would in a traditional pattern.
When you print off the pages, they will look like this:

Each pattern/page is clearly marked where to tape together

Just tape it together, then cut out the pattern pieces

Pin it to the fabric the same as in traditional patterns

Then cut it out and x-fer pattern markings to fabric!

That's really all there is to it!
PDF/ePatterns are a great value for the money and they give you access to boutique designers who couldn't otherwise provide their work without going to a great deal of expense in printing, packaging and distribution, not to mention shipping charges!
The greatest benefit to PDF/ePatterns is that you can get the pattern quite quickly, usually in a zip-file and save it in your computer. No more lost pattern pieces, as you will always have the pattern saved in your computer! They save time and space, since they are saved in your computer and so easy to access!
Brer Rabbit Designs has recently made things even quicker, by offering  instant downloads on all my PDF/ePatterns, as well as on my Smocking Plates! When you place your order, you will get a special email providing you with a unique link to download your pattern or design! No more waiting for me to check my email and send you the file - you just download it yourself and have it in an instant! How neat is that? 
I am working to add more and more instant downloads from my website and hope to eventually have all my designs as instant downloads. Of course getting all my embroidery designs loaded that way takes a great deal of time, but eventually it will save us all time, and isn't that what we all want?
Instant downloads of my PDF/ePatterns are HERE 
and my Smocking Plates are HERE!   


Jan said...

I've sewn w/ PDF patterns and I'm not intimidated at all. I feel for those who are. Hopefully with your post they will be willing to jump in and try some. You're right about lots of people wanting everything fast, fast, fast. But there's something to be said for slowing down and enjoying things for a change. I for one am happy to stick to hand smocking and hand-embroidery. I do have an embroidery machine, but there are some I refuse to do with a machine.

Elsie said...

Laurie thanks sew much for showing how your patterns work. That is so
simple and I was one of those that wondered if you had to blow them up or what. You have it down to a piece of cake. Great!!!


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