Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer FuN for BoYs!

Since I only really have boys to sew for, I try really hard to come up with new designs specifically geared to boys! One of my favorite swimsuit designs for boys is the window smocked swim shorts using seersucker fabric. Several weeks ago I dug thru my stash of seersucker fabric and created a pattern for smocked swim shorts.
As usual, when I get started on something, I tend to get distracted with other things, but this was a pattern that I really wanted to see thru to the end because I didn't see another one like it available anywhere. I wanted my pattern to be easy-to-sew and multi-sized for the typical ages that would wear this type of style. 
The swim shorts are lined with a mesh panty, and sized for 1-5. I created a little bit of smocking in a nautical theme, which is perfect for the older boys. Omit the lining and these make great shorts for everyday wear - perfect Summer FuN for BoYs!
I realize that not everyone smocks, so I wanted to make the pattern versatile with options. Adding a monogram to the swim shorts, is the perfect option!  I also think a small applique would be just as cute!
The true test was when my grandson saw them and asked to wear them - not only wear them, but REALLY try them out! He's wearing the monogrammed version and I think they are a hit! He even asked if he could wear them the next time we go to the lake!
I am pleased to announce that my Smocked Swim Shorts ePattern is now available at
Brer Rabbit Designs, as well as in my Etsy and Zibbet Shops!

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