Friday, August 17, 2012

the wave of the future...

I think everyone would agree that living a less papered and less cluttered life makes you feel less stressed and somewhat more organized. In the sewing world, a less papered, less cluttered and more organized life would be a welcome least for me that would be true! My sewing room motto is
When I am creating, it is nearly impossible not to be messy. 
As I was digging thru some of my patterns yesterday...oh, did I mention that I have a multitude of patterns?!? I was looking for a particular pattern and I found several pattern pieces that were not in their respective envelopes. I found other patterns that were stuffed into bulging envelopes...hmm, they never seem to fit back into the envelope the way I bought the pattern...or maybe in haste I crammed them in? {guilty} My mind kept reeling around how nice it would be if all my patterns were in digital format and all I had to do was go to my computer, open up a file and find all the pattern pieces I need. No more torn patterns and envelopes that need to be taped together, no more lost pattern pieces, no more lost instructions, and most importantly, no more storage of paper patterns. Ok, so don't get me wrong here....I totally LOVE my vintage paper patterns and would never give them up for a digital format...ever!
Vintage Patterns
I also really do like the paper patterns that are traceable, and once I trace them off, I can throw the tissue away and trace again when needed. The tissue patterns always seem to  cause me issues tho, and are the ones that are hard to fit back into the envelope and after much usage, tend to tear and need repair. It's for that reason that I wish I had them in digital format. I suppose if I had all the time in the world, I could scan them into my computer...reality is, I don't have that kind of time! 

While in the midst of thinking how nice it would be to have the majority of my paper patterns in digital form, my phone rang and it was from a pattern designer. She was inquiring on my new Pattern Digitizing Service. She was telling me how digital patterns seem to be the wave of the future and she would like to get her paper patterns into digital format. She feels like this is just the right thing to do for her business. I think this is a very smart move for her, as digital pattern sales are increasing in sales every day. How often have you looked for a pattern, hoping to find it in digital format, because you want it now - you don't want to have to order it and wait, or run to a store, you just want it now. With digital patterns you can download, print and sew in minutes! 
Brer Rabbit Designs ePattern
I want to help support you - designers, craft-diva's WAHMs, students and anyone interested in using their creativity and sewing skills to supplement their income thru pattern sales of your own designs. Let me turn your hand-drawn or paper pattern into a professional digitally drawn pattern. With my Pattern Digitizing ServiceI can provide you with a digital pattern that you can be proud of! I have recently digitized patterns for Sew Victorian and RuffleBunnies by Sara Norris Ltd. I also look forward to working with several other designers that have already contacted me...ePatterns are the wave of the future! 

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Elsie said...

Laurie I could never give up my vintage patterns either. Good idea though. I didn't get a newsletter this week. Did you send one or did I just miss it. You always keep me
motivated, I guess what I am trying to say is I depend on you.


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