Sunday, September 16, 2012


Buttons, glorious buttons! I love 'em! I have a rather large huge gigantic collection of vintage buttons and I am always thinking of ways that I can use them. I have several vintage canning jars full of buttons from all sides of the family. There is just something very nostalgic about all the buttons in my collection and I love all of them! 
A few weeks ago I found a wonderful book, called button{ware}, and I just knew I had to add it to my sewing room library!
Tucked inside of this book are some of the trendiest and best-looking projects your eyes have ever feasted upon! You will find some of the most awe-inspiring projects ever seen using vintage buttons along with today's trendy and fashionable buttons!
I couldn't wait to dig thru my button collection and create a fun vintage button bracelet!
I had some beads in my stash that I used for added embellishment!
I love the color combination - it's just so perfect for Fall!
I think "button{wear}" is a better description 
of my lovely creation, don't you?

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