Saturday, September 8, 2012

creative monograms

I am thrilled to be testing out some brand new software! It is Martha Pullen Creative Monograms Software and let me tell you, this is one of THE best monogramming software I have ever used...and more important, it user-friendly and fun to use! 
In the coming days, I am going to give you a glimpse of how the software works, it's features and some projects with monograms created in the software.
I am a Mac-girl, so I am running Parallels on my mac, so that I can run the software in Windows, which is how I run all my sewing software programs. 
When you first open the software, it takes you to this screen:
What I love about this screen, is that placement lines are all figured out for you and you can start visualizing how you want your monogram immediately! The grayed out areas are placement lines for embellishments.
On the left side of the screen, you can scroll down from a large variety of monogram choices. I chose a 3 letter monogram with the center letter being larger. In the upper right corner, you can type in the letters that you want. Then there is a drop down box for choosing your font. There are 64 beautiful fonts to choose from!
What I REALLY like about the font choices is that as you highlight a font, there is a pop up box that shows you exactly what it looks like - now how cool is that?
When you click on the frame, you will get a menu on the left with 130 frames to choose from! Yes! I said 130 frames!
I just LOVE that everything you choose in this software shows the artistic view of what it would look like stitched out.
Click on any of the grayed out stars and it will take you to another menu of accents! There are 119 accents to choose from and you can also import your own - now how cool is that?!
I chose this pretty vine and flower to accent my monogram!

After you get your monogram set with embellishments, you click ok and it takes you to a screen where you can edit any portion of the monogram that you want!
Just click on anything and a box will pop up around the item and you can move or resize it! When you resize, it will automatically recalculate the stitches for best embroidery quality.
I increased the size of all three letters and moved everything to exactly where I wanted it. Over on the right side, you can see the stitch sequence and thread colors. This is where you can drag and drop to change the stitch sequence for optimal sewing.  You can also change the thread colors with choices from all the major thread brands!

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into this new and awesome monogramming software! You can read about all the features of the software at Martha My next sewing journal post will show a project that I made with the monogram I created in the software. 

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Anonymous said...

I heard in the video that this program might have limits to what it will do with PES format on my Brothers embroidery this true? Will I not be able to use the full effect of the software


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