Wednesday, October 10, 2012

...and baby makes 3

A couple weeks ago I started on a new project...a sew-a-long of sorts. I am actually working on two projects, beginning with something pink, then followed by something blue. I just recently found out that I am going to be a "neena" again! A sweet baby will join our family around May 3rd and I am "sew" excited! This will be grand baby #3 for us! Of course, I'd love to have a bundle of pink, after two blues, but another sweet bundle of blue will be equally welcomed! I decided I would make two daygowns - one pink and one blue....ya just can't go wrong with that choice!
Precious Baby Daygowns by Martha Pullen Co.
I started working on the pretty pink one! Just look at the detail of this collar!! I'm in love! If you missed my last post, I showed how to create the bias bridges. The smaller the size, the less bridges you will work, so my collar only has one bridge. You can see how I created it here!
I decided to hand-tat the lace for my collar. This is proving to take a lot and I mean a lot  of time! I worked for days upon days, hours upon hours to get this far...
yeah....that sweet piece of chocolate innocence ate it! Yeeaaah, it brought a whole new meaning to "the dog ate my homework"! Don't let that innocent face fool you, she can be quite the little stinker! (I still love her tho!)
Seriously, I could have cried...instead I picked up a new skein of tatting thread and in one night got this far ~ I'm chalking the "chocolate one" up to "good practice" - LOL!
(by the way...the chocolate tatting is in the backyard somewhere!)
My tatting is almost long enough to go around my collar, and I have been hiding it from little miss chocolate innocence, so I hope to show you the completed collar soon and get on with this project!
I seriously can't wait until I find out blue or pink
meanwhile I'm going to have a ton of fun making both!!


Cindy Sews said...

Wow! You are an awesome Neena! I love the gowns and the booties! No matter boy or girl - this baby is going to be the most beautifully dressed baby around!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

OMG! That Bailey is BAD, eating your precious tatting. Those are lovely gowns, what a lucky grandbaby.

Elsie said...

Congratulations on being a grandma again. Be careful what you wish for. I wished for a girl so I could sew for her and ended up getting twin girls. I sew enjoyed sewing for them. They are now 16 so they don't want me to sew for them now.
I can't believe that sweet faced pup ate your tatting. I know he
just needed a little attention.
Tatting is the only thing I have not learned. :(


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