Monday, November 12, 2012

Ornament Smock-a-long!

I am honored to be participating in the Ellie Inspired Blog Hop! To begin the Blog Hop, I am going to do a Smocked Christmas Ornament Smock-a-long! I hope you follow along for the month of November, as I plan to do two Smocked Ornament Tutorials!
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Last year I did an Ornament Smock-a-long and it was such a hit that I decided to do another one this year! I am actually planning to do not one, but two smocked ornaments this year. You can follow along on my blog as I work thru the projects and I'd love to have you join me in the Smock-a-long!
I recently saw a really cool smocked ornament that was tasseled at the bottom. The tassel wasn't added later, it was all part of the smocked panel, so I decided to try this out and see if I can be successful at it! Just so you know, I have never made this type, so what you will see is all my first try at it as I work thru this smock-a-long! 
Supply List to begin: 
White Batiste
Smocking Pleater
3" styrofoam ball
It is very important that you tear your fabric on the straight grain - do not cut to size or you will have problems completing this project. Snip fabric on the straight grain and tear across. You will tear a block of fabric 9" x 36".
Starch and press the block of fabric to prep for pleating.
Pleat 12 rows, as shown with needle #1 using white quilting thread.
Flatten out all the pleats as shown
Just below the last row of pleating, pull a thread in the fabric.
Pull the full length of the pleated panel, creating a channel.
The next step is seemingly going to take the rest of your life, forever, several hours to complete. Trust me, no matter how long it takes you, it will be worth it! It did take me several hours, but time went by pretty fast when your husband hogs the TV with football games!
You will be pulling all the threads from the channel you have created to the lower edge of the panel, so that when it is finished, it will look like this:
The next step is to pull up the pleats.
Once the pleats are pulled up, you will bring the ends together and work a ladder stitch to join the ends together. Work around the pleating threads, as you will need those to pull up to snug to the styrofoam ball.
When the seam is stitched, turn the sleeve right side out and bring each 
pair of pleating threads to the outside.
Slip the styrofoam ball into the pleated sleeve.
Working with the pairs of pleating threads, snug up the pleated sleeve to the 
styrofoam ball, working from the top to the bottom and tie off in a knot.
Keep working your way down the ball until you reach the bottom.
Keep working to snug up, tying off one pair a time. Once they are all knotted, you can trim the tails. At the bottom, you are going to use the white quilting guide thread and pull it up snug, then wrap it around at the lower end of the pleats, creating a tassel.
Isn't that neat? A perfect tassel!!
We are now going to smock the ball, which is sooo opposite of how you may have traditionally made a smocked ornament!

We aren't going to worry about the very top of the ornament right now - when the smocking is complete, we will embellish the top and make the hang loop for it.

Please come back and follow along as we smock this very cool tasseled ornament!

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Elsie said...

Laurie I am going to try to smock one with you. I have smocked one before but not like this. Thanks so much for all of your tudorials.
I really appreciate your time you spend doing them.


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