Friday, November 2, 2012

Pleaters: the needles

The internet will never cease to amaze me how wide and far reaching it is on so many levels! Learning a new task or a new technique is virtually at the touch of your fingertips! I often times get emails from people all over the world who have watched my YouTube Channel (how amazing is that?!) and are learning to smock (YAY!). You have no idea how this thrills me! I love that my videos have been used to help so many learn to smock! I have gotten many requests inquiring on pleaters and how they work, especially how to remove and insert needles. Today I created a video to show the inter-workings of a pleater - how to remove the needles and how to insert them. Simple, yes, especially for those of us who have been smocking and using pleaters for years. For those who are new to smocking, this little video is for you! Enjoy!
NOTE: I need to clarify something about bent needles. Pleater needles are bent on purpose to fit within the gears on a pleater. When I mention check your needles to make sure they aren't bent, I am referring to an un-natural bend - a bend that is not like the rest of the needles. If you have a pleater needle that is bent differently than the rest, you need to throw it away - it is no good. 
I hope you enjoy this video - if you have any questions
 email me or leave a comment!


Elizabeth H. said...

You must have been reading my mind! I broke a needle the other day and then the rest fell out when I was trying to change it! Thanks for the great video!

Logan O'Bier said...

Love your blog!!!! Love all of the different sewing topics:)


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