Monday, November 26, 2012

Tasseled Smocked Ornament

Well, I have to admit, this is not my preferred way to make a smocked ornament, but hey, it's an experiment with a learning experience, right?  For a perfectionist, like me, the biggest problem is that your knots are not on the back of the smocked panel. The knots have to be on the front since the panel is attached to the ball. The other issue is that I had to fudge stitches where the rows met at the end. So, the perfectionist in me did my best to hide the knots and fudges and it actually turned out quite well! 
To hide your knot, put the needle into the beginning pleat as shown.
I then started working a cable stitch around the ball
After my cable stitch row, I began working a
wave stitch in green just below the cable row.
I then went down to the next row and started working
a 3-step trellis all the way around.
Here's a preview of my finished smocking!
I will reveal the finished Tasseled Smocked Ornament
just as soon as my Christmas Tree is up!
I do plan to make another tasseled ornament, but I
think I will experiment again with a better way!

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Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh....LOVE THIS! You are sooo talented!



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