Monday, January 21, 2013

Lace Shaping the easy way!

One of the things I love about Heirloom Sewing is all the unique and classic techniques that it involves. Since I'm not a Super Mom and my sewing time is somewhat limited, I seek to find ways to save time without compromising the look of handmade. Hmm, I wonder if that qualifies me for Super Mom...
Lace Shaping is one of the heirloom sewing techniques I love, but often times it can take up a chunk of time to create. In playing around in my Bernina Artista Designer Software, I created some shapes and using stitches, created the look of handmade lace shaping! I love being able to use my embroidery machine to simplify traditional heirloom sewing techniques!   
I call this Lace Shaping the easy way!
It might be hard to believe, but the bow lace shape
 is created completely in-the-hoop!
It's fun, it's easy and most importantly, you can create lace shaping in a fraction of the time it takes to create it the traditional way!
For this diamond Lace Shape, I first stitched my shadow work machine embroidery cross (freebie!), and then surrounded it with the lace shaped diamond for a beautiful effect!!
There are 10 lace shapes included in the entire design set, and I also have created a beautiful full color step-by-step eBook guiding you thru the instructions to create your own beautiful lace shaping in-the-hoop!
Lace Shaping in the hoop is quick, easy and absolutely GORGEOUS! These designs are only for 5x7 hoops and larger. Sorry, but it’s just not feasible to make these designs to fit into the 4x4 hoops. 
The loop shape is made so that you can make continuous loops - how cool is that? All these designs are made in the “normal” sizes that you would find templates for creating lace shapes in the traditional way. I have included the heart and the diamond shape in two sizes.
Combine monogramming or machine embroidery design in the center of the motifs for a beautiful effect, as I have shown above with my free shadow work cross design. 
The uses for these gorgeous designs are limitless! Use them on Christening/Blessing Gowns, Heirloom Dresses, pillowcases, album covers, blankets, blouses and more!

Materials used in my sample: wash away stabilizer, white batiste, cream colored machine embroidery thread, cotton tulle, universal embroidery needle, wing needle.
To order, click HERE!

My next blog post will be a pleating tutorial for a bishop dress. Do you pleat first, then construct or construct then pleat? Stop by to see how I do it!


Okiebelle said...

I am interested in purchasing your lace shape in the hoop designs. How much are they and how do I purchase them?

Laurie said...

Go to - they are available there


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