Friday, January 18, 2013

Super Mom? Really?!

I'm pretty sure everyone has met, knows or at least been acquainted online with a
They seem to be sprouting everywhere...or at least it seems that way to me..
and it totally blows. me. away! 
They have toddlers to teens at home. They are room mothers, soccer moms, cheer and dance moms. They are on the football and band booster committees and attend every single game, home or away. They keep an immaculate home, could almost be called interior decorators! They entertain often, make homemade meals from scratch for their families, fix cute snacks and lunches for their kids. They share photos on their blog, Instagram and post hundreds of pictures on Facebook showing what a fairytale life they live. Their photography skills are beyond! They make quality time for their husbands and have regularly planned date nights. They seem to have it all together. They live in beautiful homes, have beautiful families and money is never an issue. They travel far and wide, taking elaborate vacations to popular beaches and theme parks. They work out at the gym several days a week and run in 5k's reaching a new PR (personal record) in each race they run. To top things off they are creative! They own the top of the line sewing machine and crafting gadgets and can sew and monogram virtually anything. They design, draft and draw up patterns on a daily basis! They sell their creations on Facebook, eBay, Etsy, and in craft boutiques and bazaars. If that isn't enough, they also design, create and write articles for multiple blogs, magazines and even publish their own books...not to mention their own line of fabrics that they have designed while their entire family was sleeping. In their spare time, (really?!) they attend sewing, crafting and blogging conferences all over the USA...sometimes they even teach at those conferences! Oh wait, I forgot to mention homeschooling, mission trips, church and bible studies. (how could I forget that?) They seem to be Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Woman and you can find them everywhere online.... literally every.where!  
Am I exaggerating? Am I jealous? Well, maybe a little..but honestly I have read too many blogs out there of moms who really do present themselves as super-multi-taskers who can put out more work in a day that General Motors can in a week! I have to confess that I have had to limit my time on Facebook and reading Blogs because those Super Moms can really drag me down. I find myself saying "What is wrong with me?""Why can't I do that?" or "Why isn't my life that easy?" or more importantly "How in the world are they doing it ALL?!" and "What's their secret to success?"

Just so that you don't think that I am attacking anyone specifically or personally, I have actually had people think I am one of those that I described up there. I just laugh to myself and say "Seriously?! If you only knew..." You have no idea how happy it makes me feel that people think I can accomplish so much and do it so well.....ohhh if they only knew the truth! :)
I have come to the realization that those women who you think are doing it all (me included)...well, they probably aren't! The simple truth is that there is just no way anyone could do it alI and do it all so well! Ok, wait, there might be a few out there, but I am certainly not one of them. I would never want anyone to believe that I can do it all and that everything comes easy, because the truth of it all is that I have struggles in life, hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, just like most everyone else. 
The truth of the matter is that there is usually a story behind just about every project I make.
Let me give you an example. I monogrammed this backpack for my grandson the other got me a lot of nice comments, and I just had to chuckle to myself because....ohh, if they only knew...
On my way to the sewing room, my dog barfed up all the orange slices that my grandson fed her, after he was told not to give her people food, so I had to clean that up. Then next task was to figure out how to hoop the pocket and get it in my machine, while a 5 yr old was asking me 20 questions and getting into every spool of thread I own. He was then getting tangled in thread, sitting in my sewing chair, twirling around as thread wrapped around the chair and he was still on his 20-question roll. He ran out of the room with thread still attached, as a spool went spinning out of control! 

In the midst of monogramming I had to take the hoop out several times for various reasons. I thought I would never successfully monogram that bag. You see the picture presents an adorable creation, but the road there was anything but adorable! I could have given up and said "just forget it, it's not worth it!" however I didn't, I stuck with it and made a 5 yr old boy pretty excited and happy about his new backpack. I call that success! 
Remember when I spent days needle tatting about 7 inches of lace to have my dog eat all my hours of hard work? I had to start all over! Later, I showed a picture of a beautiful piece of tatting, but not many knew the story behind what it took to get there! Just remember, with just about every picture I post, every pattern I create, every design I digitize, there is a story behind it! 
No, I'm not super-woman, but I do work hard to manage my time to be able to do what I love to do, and that is sewing! I am also willing to bet that the majority of the multi-tasking Super Mom's out there also have stories behind what it has taken to become successful in what they do...and that just makes me smile!

Ironically that same day that I had such an ordeal of monogramming that backpack, a Proverbs 31 devotional arrived in my inbox. The leading  verse of the devotional was:
"Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Ephesians 3:20 (NLT)


Maureen said...

Laurie, I have to admit, I do see you as one of those who can get so much done. I think you hit the right note: you work hard, manage time and you do not give up! It is a pleasure to see the result of your consistent small steps!
Thank you,

Sewbusymor said...

Laurie...I hear you!! I no longer have the youngsters in the house..but in no way could I even consider doing what you do with your GS at your side...LOL. I often read and wonder what planet the super moms really live on...;-) MY real question is...ARE THEY HAPPY?? really?? I wonder. Blessings to you for saying much of what I feel. Karin

Saint Nolt Sews said...

You crack me up! I am one of those women who does a lot, but I know my limits. I have found that for me to have time to do what I enjoy, sewing, I must guard my time and use it wisely. I will also outsource items that make me crazy (dry cleaning, car washing, house cleaning). My sweet housekeepers come once a week and tell me I work harder than they do.........

Karen said...

You made me laugh but you also had me nodding my head at all you wrote! I had a whole lot more energy 20 years ago and I still never got everything done! I just try to be the best 'me' I can be, knowing that I can only measure up to myself but I still wish I could be injected with 'supermom serum'!

Elsie said...

Laurie~ I read a lot of those blogs and I think, "dang these
must be young women". The older
you get the faster the time goes
by or so it seems. When someone
says "oh, y'all are retired you
can do what you want when you want". Yep, right....if they only knew. We stay busier now than we
did before retirement. LOL.
I enjoy your news letter and your blog. Thanks for your time you give to us readers and seamstress.


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