Thursday, January 10, 2013

What have I been up to?

What have I been up to, should be more like where have I been. Yeah, I am 10 days into the new year and I am just catching my breath and wondering how in the world have 10 days already passed! I am in the process of updating everything and working on all kinds of new designs! 
The first thing I updated was my logo on my facebook page.
If you haven't already, please come and like my page and join in our discussions! I love hearing about what everyone is working on!
I am also working on my website, which is a HUGE undertaking! I am working hard to merge Southern Stitches and Brer Rabbit Designs back into one so that it is much easier to navigate the two websites, making them appear seamlessly as one.

With the new year, I am also working on many new and unique design sets! The response to my samples on my facebook page have been overwhelming! I am almost ready to release a beautiful new in-the-hoop lace shaping collection. I will give details on this when I have finished stitching out all my samples.
This unique design was created completely in the hoop! I combined my lace shaping with my machine shadow work cross in the center of the diamond for a beautiful and elegant result! I can't wait to finish stitching out my samples - hope to have this all completed and posted on the new and improved website in the next week!

I am also working on digitizing some beautiful vintage monograms! Here is a sample from one set that is almost complete! 
Don't you just LOVE the bow? I do, but 
I am crazy about bows anyway! 
I have several other unique Vintage Monogram Sets in the works, as well as a new Monogram Shop that will be implemented in my website. Also my weekly newsletter will be back up and going next week! You can join my mailing list by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab at the top of this page.

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Jan said...

I love the new logo. So pretty!


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