Monday, March 11, 2013

Vintage Lace Tucked Gown - the details

Whenever I inherit or purchase vintage baby clothes, it almost always inspires me to re-create it! This was particularly true when I was given the gorgeous Vintage Lace Tucked Gown on the left. My re-creation is on the right.
The original vintage gown, as shown below, was first featured in
 issue #142 of Sew Beautiful Magazine in a pictorial. 
When the issue hit the news stand, I got flooded with email from ladies asking me if I had a pattern for the gown. Not long after that, I emailed the editor, Kathy Barnard and asked if I she would be interested in publishing an article with a re-creation of the original vintage gown. I told her I would draft the pattern to share with the readers. The rest is history and I am happy to say that my re-created gown is featured in the current issue (#147) of Sew Beautiful Magazine!
My drafted pattern and the step-by-step instructions are all included in the article. I thought you might like to see more close-up pictures of my re-creation! This gown has so many wonderful heirloom sewing techniques!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and that it inspires you to grab the latest issue of Sew Beautiful and make a gown for someone special.
Perfect placement of the embroidery is very important, so I printed off a template and placed it behind the fabric and marked my lace insertion lines. I then hooped the fabric and let my embroidery machine do the work. The sweet and simple design of scattered flowers and leaves is a replica taken from the original vintage gown. You can download it FREE!
Pictured above is the lace insertion on the front of the gown.
Once the lace insertion was stitched, I then proceeded with
 regular heirloom sewing techniques for lace insertion.
Creating the tucks in the lace at the yoke of the dress was 
like creating magic! I just totally LOVE the look!
Gathering lace to the neck opening.

Vintage and Re-Created Lace Tucked Gowns

I have heard from so many readers already that are using my pattern to make a Vintage Tucked Lace Gown of their own!


Angela Lee said...

Wow!! It is beautiful! And I particularly love the lace tucks. I would love to try it! Thanks so much for taking on the project then sharing it with us.

DangAndBlast! said...

1: you're awesome. 2: I subscribed to your blog just a few weeks ago when I googled pinstitching and you showed up with very useful instructions, so I decided to stick around (surprised myself by starting heirloom sewing when the baby showed up! My mother no longer has the inclination, so someone needs to!). 3: I didn't realize you were the same person as the pattern I just flagged to modify for my fifteen month old! Look forward to starting it. (I'm a month behind in my rss reader, which is why I just saw this post.) 4: are there any other heirloom sewing blogs of your quality? Very happy to have found you.


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