Sunday, April 14, 2013

Welcome Baby Grant..and help me win!

Nothing on earth is more precious than a newborn baby along with the miracle of birth! I am so proud to introduce to you, my newest grandson, Grant Hudson!

He surprised us all by arriving about a month early! I had planned to make my daughter a brand new pretty Trendy Hospital Gown - thinking I had nearly a whole month to get it ready! She didn't even have a bag packed for the hospital when he decided what day he was going to arrive! It was a totally uncomplicated birth and he's just as perfect as can be!
I have been working on several hand-mades for him in the past month or so, thinking he would be a pretty good size he has some beautiful hand-mades to grow into. Even tho he wasn't too happy about getting dressed up, he did wear one of my hand-mades home from the hospital.

This sweet garment is "Baby's Summer Clothes" by Old Fashioned Baby. The monogram is my new machine shadow work circle monogram. It is now available for purchase on my website at Brer Rabbit Designs.
Look for more and more designs for boys to show up on my website in the coming months - I'm getting on a roll doing all this boy-sewing!
Speaking of sewing...I'm in dire need of a new sewing machine, however, I just don't have the funds to purchase what I want right now. With that said, I am hoping to win a new Bernina in a contest I just entered. It's the WeAllSew Pinterest Fabric Design Contest
I have entered two fabric designs that I hope one will win the most re-pins - so far, it's doing pretty good! Please help me win a new sewing machine by repinning and spreading the word! If you click on each swatch below, it will take you directly to the Bernina Fabric Design Contest Pinterest Board, from there you can repin it - that is the ONLY way your vote will count for me - you must click on the swatch and go to their board to repin. So far, my Chevron's Ahoy! seems to be a very popular vote! Please help it go viral on Pinterest! :) If my fabric swatch wins, I will buy a bolt of this fabric and offer it on my website - if I am able to do so! :) I think it's pretty darn cute, what do you think?

As I get inspired to design, I will post more - just watch the board!


Martha said...

He is a handsome boy! Congratulations.

Karen said...

What a beautiful little boy! Congratulations to all! Blessings for good health and great happiness.


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