Monday, May 20, 2013


Inserting zippers has never been anything that I would describe as "enjoyable sewing" fact, I often find it downright intimidating!  Since the majority of my sewing is heirloom sewing, it's really quite rare that I would ever be sewing in a zipper, however there are occasions when it becomes a necessity. One of those occasions was several months ago when my daughter wanted me to make her a diaper bag. She picked out the cutest pattern, but then there was that dreaded zipper right smack dab in the middle of the diaper bag! I didn't have the heart to tell her that I loathe putting in zippers, so I got the pattern and decided to face the zipper-demon head on!
Just look at that zipper! Yep! It's a proud moment!
I will say that the instructions for this diaper bag were excellent and I didn't have too much trouble at all putting in the zipper. That is not the case with every patterns tho. 
Almost every zipper you purchase comes with instructions, sorta like this:
Have you ever tried to read them? Me neither! 
I recently found a wonderful community on the web, called Craftsy! This community has all kinds of awesome sewing classes. Within those sewing classes, I found a free one on zippers, called Mastering Zipper Techniques. What I really like about this class is that it's not only free, but she is sewing on a Bernina Sewing Machine, which is what I sew with. It made it "sew" easy to follow along with her, however her techniques can be applied to any sewing machine brand. 
There are six lessons that Sunni Standing teaches zipper techniques, and the best part is that you can watch all the videos at your own convenience. The following techniques are all covered in her lessons:
  • Basic types of zippers and their uses
  • How to use adjustable and invisible zipper feet
  • How to stabilize a zipper
  • Techniques on applying slot seam, invisible, and lapped zippers
  • Tricks for working with lined and faced garments
This free lesson series is well worth watching, it will not only help you, but will answer many questions you might have about zippers! There are many other sewing lessons there as well!
I want to invite you to take a look around and join the Craftsy Community! I have recently uploaded several of my ePatterns there, which you can find in my pattern store.
I hope you take time to download and watch the zipper lesson and in no time flat you will be mastering the technique zippidy-zip!

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