Tuesday, June 11, 2013

needle knowledge!

It seems there are a gazillion choices of needles and knowing what to choose can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for the beginner sewer. I recently came across an awesome app for my iPhone and iPad. (Android app is coming soon, also!)
This is one of the handiest apps I think I have ever seen for sewing! It has a large knowledge base, including needle anatomy, needle eye comparison, choosing a needle, how to open a package and needle replacement!
Another awesome feature is Needle Types! It shows all the types of needles available and gives important information about that needle type! Double Eye, Hemstitch, Twin Needle, Embroidery and more! How awesome is that?!
Adding to it's awesomeness is "Needles by Fabric Type". How often have you wondered what the best type needle is for the particular fabric you are using? This app figures it all out for you! You can scroll down and find the fabric you are working with and what needle is best suited for that fabric!
Everyone has encountered problems while sewing, but how many times do you think it's an issue with the needle, rather than the machine? There is a problem solving base in this app that will help you solve many needle issues that we all often times deal with!
When you open the app, you can read all about it and all it has to offer! You can even access the Schmetz Blog and order directly from them within the app!
Another great thing about this app is that it is absolutely, 100%
so don't waste anytime - head to the app-store and download it,
you will be glad you did!


Karen Schurr said...

Thanks for the review of this app. and for the good advice to check on your needle type when experiencing problems. Thanks for sharing.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

This app certainly looks like it will be useful! I have a lot of that info on a card, but this is easier.

Mubeen Aslam said...

good site you have best information on this... you remainder best knowledge sharing point you get new information and post new information any topic join us ou beautiful network


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