Thursday, August 8, 2013

shell hem by machine

I've always been a purist when it comes to creating a shell hem, however there comes a time when you have to seek an alternative technique when time is of the essance  A couple years ago I wrote a blog post with a tutorial on hand-stitching a shell hem. Today I had two slips that I made that I wanted the shell hem around the neck, arms and hem. There was no time for hand-stitching shell hems - I had to seek an alternative choice, which was creating the shell hem by machine. I have never rarely had a machine that would sew a shell hem that I could be proud of...that was until today!
This beautiful shell hem was created by machine!!
Fabric: Batiste
Thread: Gutermann

I am still learning all the things that my new Bernina 780 can do, and I have to say I was absolutely blown away at this shell hem when I got it completed! Never have I had a machine create such a beautiful shell hem!
I used foot #68, which is a roll and shell hemmer foot.

My next step was to take about 3-4 
straight stitches into the fabric.

Pull fabric out away from the foot, pulling 
the threads so that you have a long tail.
You can cut the threads at the 
end of a long tail. 

You will be using these tail threads to help guide 
the fabric thru the curl on the foot. Wrong
side of fabric will be up. 

Set your machine to a blind hem stitch. 
You can set stitch length according to how
big you want your shells. Since I was working
on a dainty baby slip, I wanted very dainty shells.
I left the settings to what the machine was 
automatically set to for that stitch.

Feed pull threads and fabric thru the curl 
of the foot and stitch! 
Make sure you keep the fabric rolled into 
the curl of the foot as you stitch! The curl
of the foot will roll the fabric and the 
blind stitch will make a perfect shell hem!

You will end up with a gorgeous shell hem!
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on shell hem by machine and that you can apply these steps to your own machine with success!


Linda said...

Sensational! Thank you for posting this, especially since you show and tell in Bernina language. This is a wish come true for me. Your pictures and instructions are wonderful.

Linda Lee Steaples said...

Just BEAUTIFUL thanks for sharing such great tips with us out here in sewing land. Linda Lee (just a sewing Mama & Granny)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I teach BERNINA classes, and you showed the correct way to do a shell hem, but the stitch you used was the overlock stitch, not the blindhem. The blindhem is stitch zigzags to the left, but the overlock stitch zigzags to the right, creating the shell. Good job, though.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if it went across seams okay? I just got a Bernina 770 so am very interested in that answer.

Susan said...

Wow! It's beautiful- I wonder if I can do the same on a Bernina 440?

Lazy Gardens said...

Nice ... I've never thought of combining the rolled hem foot with anything.

That's a DAINTY hem.


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