Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creative mojo loading...please wait

Here today, gone tomorrow. We all misplace it at times. Things can all be perfectly intact, then all off a sudden, poof, it's gone...or maybe it's just gone AWOL. I'm talking about my creative times mine just gets lost...or perhaps it's something else that disrupts the flow.
Maybe it's that those cool fall winds are blowing, leaves are falling and the care-free days of summer is gone, along with the heat and humidity, which I actually thrive on. The beloved boat goes into hibernation, all the summer toys too. Suddenly I'm thrown from a no schedule and sunshine that lasts into the evening to a daily schedule - school starts, homework to help with, field trips, days get shorter and we prepare for...ugh,'s like a bad word! I think the only thing I like about winter is Christmas! After that I am ready for Summer again!
{yes, I really did say that!}

I have all this extra time, I should be happy and productive, yet I'm not. I remember when I was younger and I thought when I reached my current age I would have it all together and figured it all out. I would have all this "extra time" to create. Nope, not true! I look at women half my age and they have it more together and figured out than I do and they have kids...little kids...sometimes a whole little army of kids! How does that happen? How do they manage their time better than me? How are their creative juices flowing so freely?
Sometimes I just wonder...

To top things off, my eyesight fails me and I misplace things in a sewing room that I can't keep under control ! I have to constantly remind myself I am not in a race, this is not a competition... at my own pace and get off Facebook! Ahh, yes, facebook, the place where you see everyone's success story (or not) in a play-by-play, minute-by-minute format! I see status updates like this:

“Spent the day working on my new book that will be promoted on The Sewing Channel where I will be a special guest speaker next month. Ran my best PR today while practicing for my first marathon. Picked up the kids from school, took them to practice. Got this AWESOME recipe off Pinterest, prepared it like I was on Iron Chef! Little Susie got all A’s on her report card, so to celebrate we’re gonna have family movie night on the couch. Just me, my wonderful hubby and the kids. After they go to bed, I am going to monogram & appliqué 30 more items for my Etsy Shop. Oh and did I mention we are going to Disney World on the next school break? feeling...So blessed.”

All in a day's work - amazing, isn't it? How do so many people, accomplish so much and have seemingly perfect lives?  It leaves me with my head spinning. And I wonder how I lose my creative mojo...well, there ya have it - just read a status message like that and poof, it's lost! Get off's not a race, it's not a competition. People do not really live lives like that. That's not reality. Step away from the computer...go directly to the sewing room! Whew!

It's when I step away from the hustle and bustle, sit down and look thru all my gazillion issues of Sew Beautiful, Creative Needle, FancyWorks, Australian Smocking and Embroidery that something starts to happen. I begin to dig out vintage patterns and garments that I own, dig thru fabric stash and the creative mojo juice starts to flow again! I work at my own pace, and not worry about how much I am accomplishing...or not. 

My own Facebook status message yesterday was "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." It's not important how much money you make, how much notoriety you receive  or the things you get in life. What's more important is the contributions you make to someones day or even the memories you make. I hope that I reflect that to those who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or get my Newsletters in addition to reading SewNso's Sewing Journal. I try my best to be a giver and a sharer and nothing warms my heart more than to get an email from someone who took the time to write me and say that my free tutorials or information from my blog have helped them in their creative endeavors! 

{disclaimer: that long supermom status message was just something I made's not real and this post was not meant to be aimed at anyone - it's meant to put a smile on your face and for you to get a good hearty laugh out of it - it's all just for fun, so please don't be harsh or judgmental towards me for my post.'s sad that I even have to write a disclaimer...}


Anne Maskell said...

Hi Laurie, I'm a long time reader, but I don't think I've ever commented before! You totally nailed it with this post. I am constantly comparing my sewing/life/blog with other more prolific bloggers. I think many of us buy into the 'my life is perfect' image that so many bloggers present, and feel lacking. Because of my illness (I have fibromyalgia) I cannot sew or do as much as I used to. My blog hasn't been updated in ages, and when I do write a post I'm reluctant to hit 'publish' because I am afraid that my projects just don't measure up to others. My photos aren't that great either, which bothers me. But after reading your post I realize that I do have to work at my own pace, and enjoy it. When I blog, I'll do it because I enjoy it, and try not to worry about comparisons.

jose manuel said...

Your blog is very much creative related to Mojo and I am also waiting for your next blog like this.


Carolina FiberArtist said...

Thanks Laurie,
I, too, think you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes FB makes me physically sick....

BTW, I cannot wait for the new videos you're planning for the new year. I hope they are as good as the smocking ones I LOVE!!


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