Monday, October 7, 2013

polka dot daygowns

Sewing for twins has got me busy lately, since I have three friends who have either already had their twins or are due to deliver before the end of the year. One set of twins, a boy and a girl, arrived much too early, but they are doing amazingly well and hopefully will be released from the hospital soon to go home! Those set of twins received a big bag of Threads of Love/Wee Care garments and items. I think some Crimson Tide gowns are in their future tho! ;)
I just finished up on two darling little gowns for another boy/girl set of twins due to arrive in the next month. We are praying they stay in mama's oven a bit longer, because they just aren't ready yet. {Please pray for that with me!} The gowns I chose to make them {hope mama isn't reading this} are from the cutest little pink and blue polka dot fabrics I had in my stash! I teamed up pink and blue micro-check fabric with the dots, using an Old Fashioned Baby pattern, and got the cutest results!

The pattern I used is "Best Embroidered Baby Clothes One", by Old Fashioned Baby. I decided to use a little more trendy approach, than classic with this pattern. 
{buttons aren't sewn on yet, in case you wondered}
The view I used in this pattern is the "Boy's Apron" for both gowns. For the girl I just used the girl's lace collar view and changed up the front of the gown. On the boy's, I used a machine feather-stitch, following the guide lines on the pattern for embroidery. For the girl's gown, I rounded out the guide lines to a dropped curve. I gathered lace and stitched it following my new guide lines. I then used a wing needle and pin-stitched the lace in place - it gave the prettiest results!
I'm working on two more twin gowns, which are smocked for twin girls - will share those soon!

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Jeannie B. said...

I love what you have done here!! So very cute.


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