Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time-saving tip for appliqué

I love machine appliqué, however I hate the trimming around the appliqué parts. It seems like that is the most time-consuming part of appliqué. On Monday I decided to start appliquéing Christmas pajamas for the boys. It literally took me all day long to appliqué one pair of pj's! Why? Well, its a pretty involved appliqué and all that trimming, along with constant interruptions (story of my life), just made it take forever. All that trimming was about to put me over the edge! Soooo tedious! I KNEW there just HAD to be a better way to speed up the process. I'm sure I'm not the only one that came up with this idea and my process might vary from someone else, but it's what worked for me. 
My process has some preparation, which also takes time, but I think it still speeds up the entire process with beautiful results! 
Step 1: Open the appliqué design in your software, then break apart the design so that you can delete all the stitches right down to the outline stitch for the appliqué patches.
Step 2: You should be able to grab each patch piece of the appliqué and split them apart from the grouping. Since I was going to be appliquéing two pj's, I needed to double everything, except the main letter. I grabbed the whole reindeer portion and opened a new window and pasted it there, then deleted off from the letter "C". I did this whole process with my 2nd appliqué and moved the "P" into the hoop with the "C".
Step 3: I then went to my other open window and duplicated the reindeer so that I could stitch out 2 pair. In the upper portion of my hoop, I had all the appliqué pieces that would be stitched from ecru fabric. In the lower portion of the hoop on the right side I placed the pieces that would be stitched in brown and on the left the nose portion for red fabric.
NOTE: If your software does not allow you to separate, then the work around is to hoop your appliqué fabric and stitch the straight stitching of each of the pieces and follow my instructions below.
Step 4: Hoop tear away stabilizer, then spray with adhesive.
Step 5: Lay appliqué fabric on top of stabilizer, then place hoop in machine and stitch.
Step 6: Remove hoop from machine and remove fabric from hoop. I cut between the 2 letters to separate them. Iron heat 'n bond lite to the back of each letter. Peel away the paper from the heat 'n bond lite. Using your scissors, cut the letter (or appliqué piece) out close to straight stitching.
Applique letters cut and ready. I followed this same 
process for all appliqué pieces.
All applique pieces are cut out and ready 
to assemble on garment!
Step 7: Hoop garment and load appliqué design into machine and begin stitching design. Let the machine stitch the outline onto the garment. Using spray adhesive, spray the underside of the appliqué patch. Place appliqué patch over the top of the outline, making sure you line up stitching lines. 
Step 8: Let machine complete the stitching around the appliqué.
Step 9: Continue this process for the rest of the appliqué.
This process makes it sooooooo easy - no awkward cutting 
while the project is hooped! I love this!
Completed garment:
design is from stitchontime.com
I hope you try this process next time you appliqué - it's so easy and soooo much quicker!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Dear Laurie,
Thanks for such a clear tutorial. I'm planning on some machine applique soon and this looks like it will be a time saver. I think it will be so much easier to cut away the appliques in hand rather than the hoop, and it probably will look better in the end.

Calicolaine said...

Thank you for this tutorial, I just tried applying applique but it took me some time to fully figure out on how can I do it the bestter way.


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