Monday, December 16, 2013

Hand Smocked Christmas Ornaments

I love Christmas and all the pretty decorations that go along with it. Decorating the Christmas Tree is always fun every year as I open up my box of ornaments. My tree has no theme, it's not done up in any particular color, or coordinated in any way, rather it displays many different unique ornaments that I have collected thru the years. Many of them are dated, or signify places we have been or events in the life of our family - those are the things that make my Christmas Tree special to me. Also on my tree are several hand smocked Christmas Ornaments that I have made thru the years. Each one is special to me, as they signify my most favorite handwork; smocking.

Hand Smocked Christmas Ornaments add unique beauty to my Christmas Tree and often times become a conversation piece to inspire others to learn the art of smocking!
Last year I had a Smock-a-long and taught how to make this cool tasseled smocked ornament. If you missed it, you can find the instructions HERE!
The year before that I taught a Smock-a-long Christmas Ornament, teaching Vertical Smocking. The inspiration to teach this Smock-a-long came from a SAGA correspondence artisan class that I took and made this ornament:
I also created an oval, or egg-shaped ornament 
using Vertical Smocking.
You can find the instructions for my 
Vertical Smocked Ornament HERE
where the lesson begins and you can follow on.
This is my last smocked ornament to share and 
I hope I have inspired you
to smock an ornament or two for your tree this year!

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Rosieq said...

Good Morning, was so wonderful having a cup do coffee with you this morning. My tree is much like yours, a lot of trivia on it. As I decorated my tree this year, I came across the box that contained my two smocked balls. Beautiful red satiny fabric with a lot of stitching. I wondered how I made these beautiful treasures. Someday, after Celebrating Christ's Birth, I will study your tutorial and figure it out. These are probably 45 years old now and came from one of the handcraft kit clubs! Thanks for sharing my memory this morning.


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