Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year! 2014: the year to inspire!

2013 was a long year for me filled full of getting side-tracked with side-tracks. Heck I didn't even know which side-track I was on...not to mention all the detours and derails! 
That is going to change...
One of the best highlights of 2013 for me was taking the plunge and getting my new Bernina 780! I have not even begun to learn everything this awesome machine is capable of doing. 
That is going to change...
I didn't get near as much sewing accomplished in 2013 as I had hoped to. All those unfinished ideas I had for 2013 are either still in my brain somewhere sidetracked or derailed or lost in piles on my cutting table and scattered about my messy Sewing Room.
That is going to change...
I'm glad to leave all the side-tracks, detours and derails behind and move on into 2014!  
I have all kinds of fresh new ideas for 2014. My main goal is  to be focused on Fine Heirloom Sewing, Smocking and Vintage re-creations! I want to 

others to learn what is becoming a lost art; the art of hand smocking and fine heirloom sewing. New tutorials and online classes will be offered to help those learn the art of smocking and also to help perfect smocking and heirloom sewing skills. I plan to share many Vintage re-creations throughout the year as I create new garments from my elaborate collection of vintage patterns. 
I am excited and eager to learn more about my Bernina 780, and I will be taking classes at my dealer throughout the year of 2014. I hope to learn new skills that I can apply to heirloom sewing and share with my followers.
I am also excited about several new projects that will be featured in Sew Beautiful Magazine in 2014, including my adorable youngest grandson, who has modeled for one of my articles!
I hope you will plan to spend 2014 right here at SewNso's Sewing Journal. Please share my blog with all you know. Together we can regenerate a new love for Heirloom Sewing and Smocking and keep it alive in 2014 and beyond!

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