Monday, January 20, 2014

The Sewing Room Makeover

There comes a time when a Sewing Room gets totally out of control. Mine recently got that way so bad to the point that I dreaded sewing. What?! Me? Dreading sewing?! Impossible! Yep, it's true. I dreaded even the thought of going in my out of control Sewing Room and attempting to work in there. The room was not only a total wreck, but in dire need of new paint. I mean, the room had locomotives going around it - what does that have to do with sewing? Oh how I dreaded the thought of tearing off wallpaper border and painting! Just the thought of that and moving everything made me almost sick. 
I've spent hours pinning fabulous Sewing Room ideas on my Pinterest board. I've spent equal amounts of time dreaming about a Sewing Room that was neat, tidy, functional and inspiring. Just when I think YES, I am going to do a Sewing Room makeover, I walk into the room and turn around and leave because I was overwhelmed by the mess I had created...yes, I had created that mess! 
Planning a makeover was impossible - I'm a procrastinator. I have to do things on a spontaneous whim, which is exactly what I did! My husband had left for a 4 day hunting trip. I had the house to myself, so on a whim I dug into my sewing room and spent the next 4 days (and evenings) working nearly non-stop on my Sewing Room. The results of all my hard work was worth every minute! Here are some shameless before and proud after pictures. 
I chose red paint for several reasons. One, I had almost an entire gallon of it in my garage from painting my kitchen. Two, I love RED! Three, red is Bernina's color and I am a long-time Bernina owner, Four, red is sassy, spicy, warm, happy and motivating - should keep the creative juices flowing! :)
So here is a tour of my new RED Sewing Room! C'mon in!
Looking in from the door
L-shaped Sewing Table
Cutting Table
This is where the "locomotive" part comes in and explains the 
locomotive border before the makeover. The table is actually a 
train table, I had my husband make a top to cover 
the train set and now I have a great cutting table!
Cutting Table Left with ironing station
Cutting Table Right
L-shaped Sewing Table
The end!
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Sewing Room and that I have inspired you to do a Sewing Room Makeover too!


Tammy Lyons said...

Wow! What a change and do worth the for days off spontaneity. Good for you sticking it out and getting it done, too. Very inspiring.

Thistlerose said...

Very nicely done..Red is unusual, but I agree with you on its use! I really like how you will face out towards the rest of your home as you sew. I took over a bedroom about a year ago and while not a "dream" sewing studio, it works..amazing what creative women can do with so little!

Becky said...

What a beautiful room. I know you enjoy just going in there. Maybe I'll get inspired to work on my sewing room! I've been enjoying your smocking videos as I try to reteach myself to smock lately. Could you recommend a basic slip pattern? The only one I have is a baby one, and I need 12-mo and up. Thanks. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Shannon said...

It looks awesome, Laurie! I LOVE the red. It's amazing what a little facelift of your creative space will do for the soul You will be so inspired to get in there and "make" now!

Karen Schurr said...

I loved the tour. I especially liked the vivid color on the walls. In my last place I painted my sewing room a pretty salmon color. The people who bought our house express their unhappiness with that color, but I didn't care...I LOVED it. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new digs every moment you spend in there. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a change! Laurie, where did you get the white 5 drawer unit under the table? Been looking for something like that myself.

CKay said...

Thank you sew much for the tour. I too got to your point A's diligently put myself to work and turned my cluttered spare bedroom into what ppl now call my mini sewing/fabric store. It only takes a minute to do compared to the hours we seamstress spend in there. Yours is beautiful , great job.
Btw .. I love your sewing attitude !!


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