Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Resurgence of Sewing!

Sewing has been with us throughout history, passed from generation to generation, and recently (even in the midst of economic hardships) it has had a resurgence, being picked up en masse across the generations. Here's a look at the recent changes in the industry and why people love sewing so much!
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Although much of the information above pertains to the UK, it also very much applies right here in the USA as well. I have seen a huge resurgence of sewing in all parts of the USA.  Nation-wide sales of sewing machines are booming. Interest is picking up on a daily basis for sewing classes in sewing shops, as well as online courses. PDF patterns are also a booming business and readily available.
In part, the heightened interest can be chalked up to the popularity of reality shows such as Project Runway on Lifetime and Fashion Star on NBC, however women of all ages are embracing sewing as a form of self-expression and a way to assert their independence. What once was considered a "womanly task" is now a way of defining oneself thru creativity in sewing. Women enjoy making something that is unique to them and sewing allows so many choices in fabric, design and embellishment.
Blogs and social-sharing websites, such as Facebook and Pinterest connect sewers and turn what might otherwise be a solitary activity into a group effort. The social aspect of sewing is so important. When you get people together, whether it be in person or thru the internet, you are able to share and enjoy your passion. I have met so many wonderful people online that I might not have otherwise ever met and gained valuable information from so many different sources.
Sewing is both fun and empowering.  I also get such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when I sew. How about you?

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CKay said...

One of my deepest and strongest desires is to seed the interest in seeing thrive again among the young at's so good to seed someone else feel as strongly as I do. That is why, over the years I have offered free sewing lessons whenever anyone shows a desire to sew to me. I too , believe like you that Sewing is on the up swing again, right before our eyes!!


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