Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sew Inspired!

What inspires you to sew? 

Let's first take a look at the definition of "inspire" from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


verb \in-ˈspī(-ə)r\
: to make (someone) want to do something : to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create
: to cause (something) to happen or be created
: to cause someone to have (a feeling or emotion)

In order to sew (or create), often times we must be inspired by someone or something. There are many who might not even be sewing if it wasn't for being inspired by someone or something. 
Where do you find inspiration?
For me, it might be fashion magazines, sewing books, vintage garments, old photographs, sewing blogs, Pinterest, websites, sewing shops, antique shops and the list goes on. The pages of Sew Beautiful Magazine were chocked full of sewing inspiration. Garments were created and articles were written for the sole purpose of inspiration. The magazine motivated me to sew. It's where I got the inspiration to learn to smock and learn heirloom sewing techniques. The ideas were all made available to inspire us to "borrow" the idea and create something that could be your own.
The whole sewing community is based upon borrowing ideas and applying those ideas to our own creations. That's where you find the beauty in sewing and often times it can challenge you to learn a sewing technique and improve your skills. 
Many of the top designers I know from my sewing community borrow ideas from Pinterest and Vintage Garments. There is nothing wrong with doing that. Taking an idea and putting your own spin on it is what makes it your own creation and others find inspiration in both originals and re-creations. Often times that's what draws us follow certain designers. Their inspiring ideas is what motivates us to sew and create.
Many of the articles in Sew Beautiful were Vintage Re-creations. Those re-creations often times inspired and motivated me not only to sew, but to design. Here is a sampling of my own articles that were published thru the years in Sew Beautiful Magazine. Each were inspired either by a Vintage Garment or technique found on the internet.
"Lucy's Lace Legacy" 
Inspired by my own grandmother's vintage lace gown
"Gone Fish'in"
Inspired by a Vintage Baby Blanket purchased 
in an online Antique Store
"Tucked Lace Gown"
Inspired by a Family Heirloom Gown
from my own collection
"DARling Clair"
Inspired from a Vintage Garment
Kathy Barnard commissioned me
to re-create this vintage garment
for Sew Beautiful Magazine.
"The Cherry Dress"
Inspired by the St. Louis Women's Exchange
I created the buttons down the front in a 
new and unique way with machine embroidery
stem and buttonhole and the buttons create
the cherries.
"Grant's Vintage Romper"
Inspired by a Vintage Garment
I was commissioned to draft
a pattern from the original garment.
"Cluck Cluck"
Inspired by an image I found
on Pinterest. The original rick rack
had not been applied to any garment,
just a small photograph of the technique.
It was totally my idea to use it on the hem
of the A-line Children's Corner "Lucy"
This is me
and this photo inspired me
to create this:
as I worked off a diagram
from this:
So go out there, use the internet, old and new magazines, books, Pinterest, blogs, websites, vintage garments and media of all sorts and be inspired to sew! Let whatever that catches your eye inspire you to use it some way in your own unique way! It's perfectly ok, to borrow an idea and put your own spin on it. Putting a new spin on an old idea is how new designs and ideas are created. That's what inspires others to create and be motivated to sew!

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DangAndBlast! said...

I loved seeing the rick rack this issue! It's so silly and very imaginative. And something that'll work for anyone, including those not into traditional or smocked outfits.


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