Thursday, September 25, 2014

Smocking eClass - a new concept in teaching!

Once again, smocking is making a come-back. There seems to be great interest again in those wanting to learn the art of hand smocking. There is so much versatility in smocking. It's not just for children. It can be for adults or children, in clothing or home dec and classic or trendy. 
For the past several years I have had many ask me to teach smocking, whether it be at a Sewing Convention, in a shop or in an individual or group setting. It's something I've wanted to do for quite awhile, however my current situation in life just doesn't make it feasible to travel. When you have too many obstacles to jump, you start thinking of other ways to accomplish what you want to do. I watched as friends traveled around the world teaching and others were teaching in their local shops and it burned a desire in me to teach. That's when I set out to figure out a way that I could satisfy that teaching desire, but still be home, where I am needed most at this time in my life. 
In the past, I've created many YouTube videos of instruction and it thrills me to hear from so many that have watched my videos and learned so much from them! I get many emails from those who have watched my videos begging and encouraging me to create more videos. I love to do it, but it's very-very time-consuming and is a lot of work to put together.
SAHM's (Stay-at-home-moms) and grand-moms are on the rise and so many of them make good use of my free videos, learning at their own pace in their own time frame. They can't commit to a class at a local shop, or perhaps they can't afford to take a class on top of committing to a set time and day for classes, however they are eager to learn more. 
As I thought about all that, in addition to my current life, I came up with an idea. My ideas is to create an affordable online class where my students can attend class on their own time and still have the ability to go back and re-visit any lesson they desire and ask the teacher questions forever. Having that ability is unheard of in a traditional class - if you miss a lesson, well, you've just missed it. You've not only missed the class, but you've missed all the discussion, which is a vital part of any class. One of my goals is that I want my students to have the ability to ask questions, post photos and communicate with others that are all part of that class. That's where I will be creating a totally optional Facebook group for my students only! That is in addition to the private, password-protected eClassroom where students access their PDF and Video files for the eClass. Isn't that awesome? 
My very first eClass is not only teaching smocking, but you will make a Smocked Bonnet from start to finish using my Smocked Tapered Bonnet ePattern, which is included in the eClass. The following will be covered in the eClass:
PDF Pattern Prep
Fabric Prep
Pleating with or without a pleater
   1. How to thread a pleater
   2. How to use dots and pick up pleats
Roll, Whip & Apply Lace in one step
Heirloom Sewing Techniques
   1. Pin Stitch
   2. Lace Insertion + Pin Stitch
Basic Smocking Stitches
   1. The Cable Stitch
   2. The Wave Stitch
   3. Flowettes - Single & Double
   4. Lazy Daisy Stitch
Bonus Smocking Stitches
   1. Bullion Flower
Finishing the Bonnet 
   1. Ribbon Rosettes
That's a lot to cover and it's way more than what is covered usually in a traditional basic learn to smock class. I want my students to do it all right from the start - that is why I am covering fabric prep and pleating, which is so important. I also cover types of threads used and needles for smocking. I teach with an attention to detail and technique. There are many who teach smocking, but not all smocking classes are created equal - learning how to smock correctly from the start will go a long ways in having your smocking turn out with great results that you can be proud of. Proper technique is soooo important and I will teach that, along with my tips!
In addition, I have BONUS videos covering Heirloom Sewing Techniques and Bullions! You can omit the heirloom techniques if you want - they are just an option I have included...a very nice option. Over 2 hours in video instruction are included in this eClass. I have broken it down into five separate videos, so that it's easier for you to navigate. Each video is approx. 15-33 mins in length, making it much easier to spend whatever time you have to work on the project.

The eClass is very affordable and available now at Southern Stitches!

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