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If there is a way to soil a christening or special occasion garment just before the ceremonies, it's probably been done -- splashed by a puddle in the church parking lot, speckled with coffee or a soft drink, marked by lipstick in the back seat of the car, or imprinted by sticky little fingers from a curious toddler. Yep, if there is a chance it will get dirty, you can pretty much bet on it that it will happen.
A custom-made bag is the safe and easy way to transport clothing to and from special event. My forever-an-heirloom garment bag ePattern can be made from specially purchased fabric with elaborate detailing or simply whipped up using scraps and embellished with machine embroidery motifs, which requires minimal cost or time.
This bag is so quick and easy to make, you will be amazed! I have included extra instructions for making the bag any length you desire and also with a gusset to allow for multiple garments in the bag.
The ePattern instructions are for an off-center opening that is zipper-less. Zippers always concern me in a garment bag, as it's just too easy to get a gown or worse yet, delicate lace caught up in the zipper teeth. Instead I recommend using snaps, snap-tape or even buttonholes and buttons on my garment bag. 
This was the very first bag I made, 
when creating my garment bag pattern. 
I used an off-white feather wale fabric...
...and added vintage buttons over where the snap tape is.
The monogram and embroidery on my sample bag is from Martha Pullen Company and is not included with the ePattern. However, I have created a special button ornament for my ePattern and used a font (KK Monogram) that I had in my computer. 
 The above design is included in all machine formats.
With creative placement using the same motif, you can
create a frame for a monogram to be used on the front of bag!

My Forever-an-heirloom Garment Bag ePattern is now available! It is an instant download after purchase! Click on the photo below to order!
Storage Tip:
Never store an heirloom gown in plastic, which traps moisture or cleaning chemicals and does not allow the garment to breath. I recommend that you never hang a gown for long-term storage; instead, wrap the gown in acid free tissue paper, place it inside a garment bag (or pillowcase if not making a special matching bag), then place inside a storage box with a piece of cedar for moth and insect protection.  Before storing, wash, air dry and press the gown without starch. Customized keepsake boxes can be ordered from "Baby Keepsakes" at www.babysakes.com

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