Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monograms for all occasions

Monograms; everyone knows what they are, but not everyone knows exactly how to properly create one. A monogram is a motif made by a single letter or a combination of letters overlapping as a single unit. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as a recognizable symbol or logo. 

A monogram tells a story. It suggests who we are or want to be, puts forth our views on marriage, tradition, and individual identity not to mention the wonderful things it does for linens, garments, stationery and and a host of other things. 
A monogram consists of a person's initials — usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name—and much has been written about proper monogram etiquette. Often times it's a matter of preference, and there are many different ways in which to create a monogram. 
A monogram can have just one main letter of the first name or last name of the person you are creating the monogram for. 

Vintage Dots Monogram Set

Monograms can also have just two letters; first and last name of the person. Typically tho, monograms are created in 3 letters. There are variations for the 3 letters, most often done in one of 3 ways:

  • Single Person: first name initial on left, last name initial in the middle, and middle name initial on the right.
  • Married Person: first name initial on left, last name initial in the middle and maiden name initial on the right.
  • Wedding Monogram (or married couple): her first name initial on the left, married last name initial in the middle and his first name initial on the right.

Monograms can be Informal or Formal. Below are some examples using monogram fonts available at Southern Stitches.

Informal Monograms

BRD Typewriter Applique - Satin with Bean Stitch

SSBRD Stars 'n Bars Circle Font

Fancy Scallops Block Monogram
BRD Shadow Work Circle Monogram +eBook Instructional
Monograms can also be created where all 3 letters are the same size, as shown below: In this case you would put first name, middle name, then last name.
SNB Add-on Set of Star Letters

Formal Monograms

Monograms can also be elegant and fancy!
BRD Elegance Monogram Set

My most recent released monogram set is my Belle Anne Monogram Set. It combines the beauty of shadow work and the elegance of satin stitching.
Belle Anne Monogram

No matter if it's informal, whimsical or elegant, everyone loves to have something monogrammed. Monograms can be used for all sorts of occasions!
I am constantly creating new and unique monograms that can't be found anywhere else! My monograms are different from the rest because I spend a great deal of time creating them from the ground up. The difference from a Southern Stitches monogram and the rest is that I never auto-digitize my fonts. Cheaper priced fonts that you find out there are always auto-digitized, meaning the digitizer has found a font online, then typed in a letter into their software and the software does all the digitizing automatically. That is why they can sell the font for so cheap. My fonts are hand-punched, which takes an enormous amount of time and precision. I make sure my fonts (and other designs) all have proper unlay stitching, as well as the finished stitching on top. Many of my fonts are created from Vintage monograms made for hand-stitching. I am currently working on 2-3 more Vintage-inspired fonts that are just gorgeous! Please follow me on Facebook to see photos as I work on new designs!

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